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You want customers who become repeat buyers, not merely shoppers. Determining which people will ultimately buy from you requires knowing how they spend their money because that is the single best predictor of their future purchase behavior.

Wiland has more of this kind of individual-level U.S. spending data than anyone else. In fact, we have trillions of continually-refreshed, brand-specific transactions along with other powerful signals that reflect the intensity of a person’s interest in any given consumer or B2B brand. Our specialized platform analyzes these signals to identify the specific audience of people who will buy from you, and we help you find them, wherever they are.

We can quickly produce and deliver your brand-unique audience, enabling you to avoid wasting marketing dollars on people who will never buy from you and focus instead on those who will become loyal, repeat customers. We make it easy to get started and see success quickly.

Wiland provides tomorrow’s best customers to thousands of brands. Why not yours?

Fueling the success of thousands of brands, including:

Our campaigns using Wiland’s co-targeting solution have performed extremely well—beyond our expectations. Wiland has helped support and extend the impact of our catalog mailings, resulting in meaningful incremental revenue.”

VP of Marketing and Ecommerce

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Put the power of our brand-level spending data and response prediction technology to work in your next campaign.

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