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Marketers Reviewing Direct Mail Research

Key Takeaways from New Direct Mail Research

What direct marketers need to glean from Winterberry Group’s latest research on the role of direct mail in omnichannel marketing.

By Jeff Liebrock | September 28, 2023

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Sensitive Data
Sensitive Data Explained: A Guide for Marketers

How has the definition of sensitive data evolved and why does it matter for direct marketers?

By Bryn Weaver | September 26, 2023

Marketer using Data Enhancement and Analytics
How Today’s Marketers are Using Data Enhancement and Analytics

New research on marketing data enrichment use cases revealed in a recent Wiland Webinar

By Wiland Editorial Team | September 21, 2023

Team reviewing the SOTI Data Analysis
Emerging Trends in Customer Data Analysis for Brands and Agencies

Insights from brands and agencies into who currently performs their customer data analysis and data enhancement initiatives

By Wiland Editorial Team | September 19, 2023

Holiday Donation
Five Keys to Year-End Fundraising Success

Outlook and strategies for the 2023 year-end giving season from our EVP, Nonprofit

By Dan Wells | August 2, 2023

Viewing the Wiland View Press Release
Wiland, Inc. Launches New Data Product Suite that Drives More Profitable Marketing

Discover the latest news about the powerful data product Wiland View™

By Wiland Editorial Team | July 21, 2023

State of Marketing Data
The State of Marketing Data Enhancement and Analytics

New report documents how data enhancement and analytics are being used today to fuel marketing success

By Wiland Editorial Team | July 5, 2023

Data Privacy
Consumer Data Privacy Check-In: More New State Laws and Marketing Impacts

What marketers need to know about additional new state consumer data privacy laws and how they could impact direct marketing campaigns

By Bryn Weaver | June 30, 2023

coworkers reviewing marketing data
How to Use Data Enrichment to Improve Marketing Performance

What is data enrichment, and how should marketers be using it to drive better marketing results?

By Wiland Editorial Team | June 16, 2023

Direct Mail Recipient Donating on Mobile Device
The State of Donor Acquisition in 2023

How fundraisers can overcome the pandemic’s ripple effects and achieve donor acquisition success

By Wiland Editorial Team | May 18, 2023