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Woman working with Post-Merge-Optimization

Using Post-Merge Optimization to Increase Direct Mail Efficiency

Focus on the donors most likely to give to your organization and avoid wasting precious fundraising dollars on unresponsive names.

By Wiland Editorial Team | April 17, 2024

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Everything I Need to Know About Marketing Ethics I Learned in Kindergarten

Key themes from my discussion at Georgetown University on the ethical considerations of modern marketing trends

By Will Clayton | March 22, 2024

Practical Strategies for Using AI to Achieve Fundraising Excellence

What fundraisers need to know about unlocking the power of AI to drive results for their organizations

By Wiland Editorial Team | February 16, 2024

Painting the Front Door: How to Ensure Data Privacy Compliance While Supporting Your Core Mission

Our data privacy experts discuss how to satisfy requirements and bolster positive perceptions of your data ethics commitment

By Bryn Weaver and Will Clayton | January 25, 2024

AI Targeted Marketing
The Role of AI in Targeted Marketing: What You Need to Know

Our AI and data experts dispel common misconceptions and discuss AI’s proven applications for targeted marketing

By Wiland Editorial Team | January 23, 2024

2024 Donations
What Nonprofit Fundraisers Must Know for Their 2024 Planning

Q&A with our nonprofit experts on how fundraisers can strategize for a successful 2024

By Wiland Editorial Team | December 20, 2023

Recipient of the Inaugural DMAW Changemaker Award, Phil Wiland
Phil Wiland Named Recipient of Inaugural DMAW Changemaker Award

Wiland Chairman and CEO recognized for incomparable dedication to driving direct marketing innovation and excellence

By Dan Wells | November 30, 2023

How Many Third-Party Enrichment Data Sources Should You be Using?

Why it is critical that marketers use multiple enhancement data sources and always be open to evaluating more

By Drew May | November 28, 2023

Direct Mail’s Role in the Modern Marketing Playbook

New research on the staying power of direct mail as a performance marketing channel revealed in recent Wiland Webinar

By Wiland Editorial Team | November 15, 2023

Businessmen Shaking Hands
It Takes Two: Agencies and Brands Collaborating on Data Analytics

How brands and agencies can maximize the impact of customer data through collaboration

By Michelle Harness | October 24, 2023