Wiland Brand-Relevant Data

Your customer data is your most valuable marketing asset.

But could it become even more powerful? Could it be further improved to drive better insights and predict customer response more accurately?

With Wiland enhancement data, the answer is “Yes!” Your customer and prospect information can be greatly enriched to create better-segmented, better-targeted marketing. And that drives measurably higher ROI.

We apply advanced predictive analytics to the largest set of individual-level spending and interest intensity signals, including vast social media engagement data, to create scores that rank U.S. consumers by their likelihood to spend money with you and in hundreds of diverse categories. Wiland enhancement data is delivered to your data science team, enabling you to improve modeling, optimize customer spend, and find new customers ready to spend with you.

Among the proprietary variables that fuel our data are scores from our exclusive partnership with Amex Advance, a personalization services division within American Express.

We make it easy to get started, and we offer a number of ways to test and validate the results you’ll achieve. Our data scientists are here to talk with your data team about the quality and depth of our spending signals and the methodologies we use.

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Explore the many ways that Wiland Brand-Unique Data can supercharge your customer insights and marketing segmentation.

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