Superior Enhancement Data for Improved Marketing ROI

Wiland View™ is a uniquely powerful data product that enriches your understanding of customers and prospects, enabling you to market to them more effectively than ever before and grow your business. It provides insight into the most important spending and life stage characteristics of a consumer’s life, with proprietary variables that predict every individual’s propensity to spend across critical dimensions relevant to the growth of your brand.

Wiland View supports a wide range of marketing outcomes, including more effective customer acquisition, retention, and reactivation as well as improved cross-sell and upsell efforts. With its thousands of predictive and descriptive data elements, Wiland View enables you to:

Acquire more new customers at better marketing ROI

  • Improve audience modeling and segmentation
  • Identify prospects who look—and spend—like your best customers
  • Customize prospect communications based on their consumer affinities

Increase revenue and profit from marketing campaigns to your current customers

  • Rank and segment customers for optimal marketing treatment
  • Personalize customer offers and experiences
  • Increase customer spend with your brand
  • Predict which customers are likely to take certain actions

Better understand your target markets

  • Make better-informed media planning and creative decisions
  • Know the purchase affinities of consumers in your market

What Makes Wiland View Different and Powerful?

What makes Wiland View so powerful is our unique knowledge of the transactions driving the U.S. economy. It is a data product built using properly permissioned transaction data from a variety of sources. Our advanced predictive analytics platform resolves trillions of signals—including highly predictive first-party transaction data, proprietary partner data, and social media engagement behavior—into data elements that rank every adult U.S. consumer by his or her likelihood to spend in hundreds of precisely defined categories. No other data product offers this level of detail combined with such great breadth of coverage.

Comprehensive, Current, and Compliant

Wiland View’s comprehensive set of data elements includes:

  • Spending propensity scores in hundreds of consumer and charitable categories
  • Spending recency indicators
  • Demographics
  • Psychographic, lifestyle, and interest data
  • Geographic details
  • Custom scores tailored to your brand
  • …and much more

We rebuild the universe available for the Wiland View consumer graph every two weeks, incorporating the most current consumer spending activity, demographic updates, and other characteristics. You can be confident that the data elements we provide are a recent view of U.S. consumers.

As leaders in data governance and privacy protection, we maintain strict protocols to ensure Wiland View’s compliance with all relevant data privacy regulation and industry best practices.

Wiland: A Reliable Steward of Client-Owned Data

Among the generally available Wiland View data elements are very powerful ones constructed without the use of client-provided data. Our data dictionary specifies which data elements utilize client, market, and theme data derived from the Wiland Cooperative Database. These data elements are available exclusively to active, contributing participants in the Wiland Cooperative.

Customized Around Your Needs

Wiland View is available as either a data append solution applied to your CRM database or other customer data file, or as a file install solution that provides a complete view of virtually all U.S. adult consumers for analysis and segmentation by your own internal analytics team.

Wiland View is customizable and scalable for any data environment. In addition to benefiting from its thousands of predictive data elements, you can request new custom scores tailored to your brand, which further increases your ability to improve marketing results.

Discover Data That Drives Better Marketing

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