Pitch With Data. Wow With Results.

Imagine how impressive your new business pitch would be if it included detailed insights into the spending behavior of your prospect’s audience—what they buy, the causes they support, and the brands they follow on social media. With Wiland as your audience and data partner, you can differentiate your presentations with fresh, relevant insights like these that are available nowhere else.

Then you can start delivering impressive results with your new client’s first campaign.

That’s because you’ll be equipped with powerful brand-unique audiences for targeted marketing across all addressable channels and devices including display, direct mail, mobile, social, video, email, and advanced television. These high-performance segments are built from the largest set of consumer spending and interest signals ever assembled, helping your clients engage ready-to-spend buyers, not just shoppers.

You’ll also have the data and insights necessary to fuel better-informed strategy and spot-on creative. Your clients will appreciate the thoughtful, data-driven approach, and they’ll love the results.

Fueling the success of thousands of brands and their agencies

Our campaigns using Wiland’s co-targeting solution have performed extremely well—beyond our expectations. Wiland has helped support and extend the impact of our catalog mailings, resulting in meaningful incremental revenue.”

Amy Larson
VP of Marketing and Ecommerce, Boston Proper

Target Smarter. Grow Faster.

Put the power of our brand-level spending data and response prediction technology to work in your next campaign.

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