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Agencies looking to deliver superior campaign results for their clients rely on Wiland for high-performance digital audiences. That’s because Wiland analyzes the largest set of individual-level consumer spending data ever assembled. This vast, detailed information makes us the best at finding people who will respond, convert, and spend with any brand.

We deliver your custom audience to your platform or DSP of choice for use in programmatic advertising campaigns across all addressable channels and devices: display, mobile, social, video, and addressable television.

And when it comes to winning new clients, we can help there too, by enhancing your pitch with detailed information about the spending and social behaviors of your client’s audience—what they buy, the causes they support, and the brands they follow. With Wiland as your partner, you can differentiate your agency offering with fresh, relevant insights available nowhere else.

The bottom line? We view you as our client. We’re here to enhance, broaden, and diversify your offerings. You’ll have the most responsive digital audiences for your campaigns and the insights necessary to fuel better-informed strategy and spot-on creative. We’ll work together with you to win more clients and wow them with results.

“Wiland has proven itself a great addition to our partnerships. They have been key in pleasing some of our top clients that want to make sure that their dollars are being spent effectively.”

– Ayla Vulgamott, VP of Media Buying with Division-D

Fueling the success of thousands of brands and their agencies

Wiland has proven itself a great addition to our partnerships. With its targeting capabilities, we can reach audiences that wouldn’t be attainable with standard and prebuilt segments.”

Vice President of Media Buying

Target Smarter. Grow Faster.

Put the power of our brand-level spending data and response prediction technology to work in your next campaign.

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