High-Performance Multichannel Marketing Audiences

By applying advanced predictive analytics to the largest set of individual-level spending and interest-intensity signals, we find people ready to spend with you today and who will make repeat purchases at a high rate. Using Wiland-built audiences in your multichannel campaigns, you benefit from low customer acquisition cost and high long-term value from newly acquired customers. Wiland audiences fuel campaign success across all addressable channels, platforms, and devices including display, mobile, social, video, advanced television, and email, as well as in direct mail campaigns.


Do you need high-response digital audiences that are ready to activate today? Wiland audiences cover hundreds of specific consumer categories, including yours. Comprised of people with proven intent to spend in your category, Wiland audiences will improve the performance of your acquisition and brand visibility campaigns. These audiences far outperform ordinary syndicated segments. They are ready for immediate activation at the LiveRamp Data Marketplace, Google, The Trade Desk, Eyeota, Viant Adelphic, and other leading platforms. They can also be delivered to your DSP or platform of choice as well as to Facebook and other walled gardens.

Custom Audiences

Are you looking for custom-modeled audiences tailored to achieve your specific campaign objectives? Wiland custom audiences enable you to target your marketing with unsurpassed accuracy in order to achieve better response rates, lower acquisition costs, and higher return on ad spend. Built using vast first-party data and other privacy-compliant data resources, Wiland custom audiences drive the best possible digital and direct mail results in your people-based marketing.

Wiland PersonaBuilder™

For brands, agencies, and media buyers that need to create high-performing, custom audience segments in-house, we offer the world’s most powerful self-serve audience creation application. It’s called PersonaBuilder, and it is perfect for brands and agencies that want to create data-driven marketing personas and convert them into high-response digital audiences ready to activate in multichannel campaigns.

A Great Campaign Deserves a Great Audience

Discover yours today! We don’t charge for the custom modeling or audience creation. You pay only when you activate the audiences in your campaigns.

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