Wiland Brand-Unique Audiences

By applying advanced predictive analytics to the largest set of individual-level U.S. spending and interest-intensity signals—including vast social media engagement data—we find people ready to spend with you today. Wiland brand-unique audiences are also modeled to acquire customers who make repeat purchases at a high rate in order to drive superior recurring revenue. For both consumer and B2B brands, these custom audiences fuel success in campaigns across all addressable channels, platforms, and devices including: display, direct mail, mobile, social, video, email, and advanced television.

We develop custom audiences for the exclusive benefit of a single brand, while also offering hundreds of category-specific audiences ready for immediate activation. These ready-to-deliver audiences can be found at many leading media buying platforms and also delivered to your DSP, walled garden, or other platform of choice. Whether using Wiland custom or on-demand audiences, the result is a large prospect universe of ready-to-spend buyers that no other audience provider can find.

For media buyers who need to create high-performing audience segments in-house, we offer a proprietary SaaS application Wiland PersonaBuilder. It is perfect for brands and agencies with little or no first-party data or analytics capabilities, but who need to build and activate data-driven marketing audiences for their multichannel campaigns.

A Great Brand Deserves a Great Audience

Discover yours today! We don’t charge for modeling or audience creation. You pay only when you activate the audience in your campaigns.

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