Personas Made Actionable

Buyer personas have long provided a way to understand and segment consumer cohorts. But marketers have struggled to make personas actionable when it comes to real-world media targeting.

That’s where Wiland PersonaBuilder™ comes in. The world’s most powerful persona creation tool, PersonaBuilder seamlessly connects persona creation to digital audience activation. Leveraging unmatched data sources and sophisticated, AI-driven predictive modeling, PersonaBuilder is a must-have tool for brands and agencies that need to reach responsive audiences at large scale.

Bridge the gap between your strategy and media buying teams

The easy-to-use PersonaBuilder application enables you to create detailed customer and prospect personas based on vast, continuously refreshed data—consumer spending signals, social media engagement data, and other predictive indicators. You can then immediately convert the personas you create into large, custom audiences ready for media targeting across all platforms, channels, and devices.

How PersonaBuilder Works:

Personas created using the application are analyzed to produce high-performance audiences that are deliverable to any leading DSP, walled garden, or other platform for activation.

PersonaBuilder equips brands and agencies to:

  • Gain deep insights that fuel winning customer and prospect engagement strategies
  • Easily compare personas to optimize audience segmentation and personalization
  • Convert personas into digital audiences ready for activation at scale
  • Quickly create and activate custom audiences that outperform syndicated segments
  • Reach large universes of responsive consumers likely to spend now and provide high long-term value
  • Verify—before spending ad dollars—that audiences include only consumers in your category
  • Target media more accurately for higher click-through rate and return on ad spend

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Flexible, Detailed Reporting

PersonaBuilder enables you to visualize and analyze multiple dimensions of your customers’ and prospects’ unique characteristics. The application’s detailed reports are perfect for producing compelling presentations.

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