Company Overview

Wiland is a leading provider of business intelligence and data-driven marketing solutions. Regardless of channel—digital, direct mail, email—marketers rely on us to deliver highly responsive marketing audiences that fuel their organizations’ growth and profitability. Wiland clients span a wide range of sectors including multichannel retail, publishing, nonprofit, political, home and personal services, financial services, travel and hospitality, and automotive.

Our industry-best cooperative database contains vast consumer, donor, and subscriber data representing billions of transactions and trillions in spending. The Wiland Cooperative Database is continuously updated with timely data contributed by our more than 3,700 clients. Through sophisticated analytics and predictive modeling, we leverage this massive wealth of information to help our clients find new customers and donors and optimize connections with existing ones.

Wiland clients are also equipped to fine-tune their marketing budgets for measurably better ROI by focusing on long-term value customers and donors while eliminating spending on non-productive audience segments. By applying a rigorous test-and-control methodology to everything we do, along with closed loop measurement of online and offline campaigns, we provide our clients with precise analysis of the performance of their marketing efforts.

In the spirit of unrelenting innovation and a commitment to the needs of today’s marketers, we continue to launch new products and enter new markets. Recent product introductions include:

  • The CLEAR™ Audience Modeling Platform

    a quantum leap in response prediction technology

  • Wiland Insights™

    a sophisticated business intelligence solution that brings multi-million dollar business analytics affordably to organizations of all sizes

  • Custom Digital Audiences

    highly responsive modeled audiences deployable across major display advertising platforms

  • TrueROAS™

    The display advertising industry’s most precise managed campaign assessment methodology

In addition to our reputation as technology innovators, we are also a company recognized for a culture of honesty, integrity and goodness. Clients, vendors, partners, and employees are treated with the utmost respect and kindness as valued stakeholders in the company’s success.