Company Overview

Wiland, Inc. is a leading provider of multichannel marketing audiences, marketing optimization, and business intelligence. Every day, thousands of brands, agencies, and nonprofit organizations rely on Wiland to help them compete more effectively for the attention and response of the people they most need to reach.

Foundational to many of our predictive marketing solutions is the Wiland Cooperative Database—the nation’s premier source of first-party, transaction-level consumer spending data. While demographics and personas have important roles to play in audience targeting, transaction data is far more predictive of actual response—and Wiland has more of this superior transaction data than anyone else.

The Wiland Cooperative Database Diagram

Resolving these trillions of consumer spending and other signals to the identities of 250,000,000 adult U.S. consumers, the Wiland Technology Platform’s predictive modeling environment enables the most accurate audience targeting and most sophisticated insights possible. The result? Every impression is targeted more accurately. Every marketing dollar works harder. And every campaign drives better ROI.

In addition to our reputation as technology innovators, Wiland is also a company recognized for its culture of honesty, integrity, and goodness. Clients, vendors, and partners are treated with the utmost respect and kindness as valued stakeholders in the company’s success.

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