Brand-Unique Audiences for B2B Marketers

Reaching actual buyers means more to your success than just knowing which companies might purchase your products and services. That’s because people—not companies—make buying decisions.

Wiland’s proprietary Business-to-People approach finds the specific individuals who will buy from you today and become your best high-value repeat customers.

What makes Wiland B2B Audiences the best?

More Predictive Signals

Wiland’s B2B solutions leverage first-party, individual-level B2B spending data, along with proprietary classifications of virtually every business buyer in the U.S. These signals are supplemented within our Response Prediction Platform by vast social media engagement data and hundreds of brand- and niche-specific B2B variables.

The Most Sophisticated Analytics Platform

Wiland’s methodology analyzes virtually every business and business buyer in the U.S. to rank these individuals by their likelihood to spend with your brand and make repeat purchases at a high rate.

Superior People-Based Targeting

Our brand-unique audiences enable you to target actual business buyers based on their past spending, resulting in superior performance vs. audiences rooted mainly in firmographics.

Wiland Delivers Accurate Audience Targeting at Scale

Wiland B2B audiences enable you to reach ready-to-spend buyers and avoid marketing to people unlikely to buy.

Advantages of Working with Wiland


  • Large universe of highly-qualified prospects that deliver incremental volume for acquisition campaigns
  • Custom audiences created for your exclusive use that will outperform all others
  • Audiences priced well below those of other providers, delivering better performance at a lower cost
  • More accurate direct mail and digital media targeting for lower customer acquisition cost and higher ROI
  • Reduced waste in marketing spend
  • Acquisition of high long-term value customers
  • Exclusive reporting on industry benchmarks, with insights into your organization’s comparative performance

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