Improve Campaign Performance with Donor File Optimization

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With the challenges of higher mailing costs and other economic factors, it’s more crucial than ever that your fundraising dollars work smarter and produce the best results. That means optimizing your donor file data has become an indispensable tactic for running more successful donor campaigns.

Wiland is here to help with donor file optimization solutions proven to maximize the performance of every campaign. You likely know us for providing you with the most high-performing donor audiences, powered by our vast data assets and AI-enabled predictive modeling. These same donor insights and sophisticated modeling also fuel our effective, easy-to-implement donor file optimization solutions.


For a Limited Time! Get an equal number of optimized donor file names for FREE when you purchase the same quantity using one of Wiland’s qualifying optimization solutions.

For example, when you order our top-scoring 20,000 reactivation names, you also receive the next 20,000 reactivation names free of charge. These are donors in your file with untapped giving potential that you should invest in reaching to drive incremental revenue.

NOTE: This offer is for first-time users of the qualifying Wiland optimization product. Minimum spend per product applies. Offer applies to orders received by October 31, 2022.

You can apply your two-for-one discount to any of these four optimization solutions:

  • Lapsed Donor Reactivation
    Mine your file for hidden-gem donors that are ready to re-engage. Wiland identifies your lapsed donors with the highest likelihood to donate again by leveraging insights into their recent, relevant giving and spending elsewhere. This helps you generate incremental revenue from reactivation efforts.
  • Full Donor File Modeling and Scoring
    Reduce campaign expenses and increase revenue with this powerful, comprehensive solution. Wiland uses proprietary data and custom models to score your entire donor file, helping you determine the giving potential of all of your donors. Use this solution to inform your segmentation strategy and improve the performance of every campaign.
  • Non-Donor/Warm Name Optimization
    Take your leads to the next level. Wiland analyzes the non-donors and warm names in your database—such as survey responders, volunteers, and event participants—and identifies those most likely to become donors. You’re empowered to focus your efforts on reaching the people with the greatest giving potential.

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