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What Does Success Look Like for Your Brand?

More customers? More revenue? More profit?

Those are the reasons the most successful direct-to-consumer brands use Wiland brand-unique audiences in their multichannel campaigns. Wiland’s brand-unique prospect audiences are finely tuned segments, custom-modeled exclusively for your brand. You can significantly reduce Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) as you reach the most highly qualified prospects—online or via direct mail.

Our custom audiences deliver buyers who make repeat purchases at a high rate and offer high Long-Term Value (LTV), so your multichannel campaigns can produce both immediate response and excellent recurring revenue.

Your brand-unique audience can be used in display, direct mail, mobile, and other channels.

And if you want to see your Facebook and other social advertising drive more sales, this is your chance. We encourage you to test how your brand-unique Wiland audience compares with the audience you get using social platform tools.

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