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Reach High-Value Customers and Prospects to Maximize ROI

Even against today’s headwinds, etail businesses can prosper by staying connected with high-value, ready-to-spend buyers, including both customers and prospects. But identifying these high-value buyers can be a challenge without the proper tools.

Knowing how people are spending their money is the key to determining whether they will buy from you today. And Wiland has more individual-level spending data than anyone—trillions of continually-refreshed, brand-specific purchase signals. This makes us the best at finding customers and prospects who will buy from you now and buy from you more frequently.

Wiland is helping the most successful etail brands optimize their marketing efforts and achieve superior results in their multichannel campaigns. Among the ways we help:

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Customer Marketing

Improve Customer Retention
It’s more important than ever that etail brands retain their highest-value customers. Leveraging our massive transactional database and specialized analytic platform, we will model, score, and segment your customer file, enabling you to take appropriate steps to engage your best customers to drive sales and reduce attrition, while eliminating spending on marketing to unproductive segments.

Reactivate Lapsed Customers
Reactivating past customers can play a key role in sustaining your success in today’s challenging retail environment. Though a customer may not have purchased from your brand in some time, they may have purchased in your category very recently. With more spending data than anyone, Wiland is uniquely equipped to identify the high-value lapsed customers who are most likely to respond to your offers and begin buying from you again.


Customer Acquisition

Find Your Best New Customers
Thousands of brands rely on Wiland for highly responsive, brand-unique prospect audiences that drive immediate sales and fuel long-term growth. By applying advanced predictive analytics to the largest set of individual-level U.S. spending and interest-intensity signals, we find people who will buy from you now and make repeat purchases at a high rate. Wiland’s brand-unique audiences are available for use in all digital platforms and direct channels and across all devices.

Free Offer

We will create a custom-modeled audience uniquely for your brand, for your exclusive use. We won’t charge for the modeling or audience creation. You only pay a low CPM if and when you activate the audience in your campaigns.

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