Field Guide to Customer Marketing Optimization

Tools and Strategies to Improve Customer Marketing Results

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Marketers today are being asked to do more with less. That’s why Wiland created The Marketer’s Field Guide to Customer Optimization, to help marketers discover the tools and strategies they need to improve their customer marketing results in today’s often challenging landscape.

Discover the trail-tested solutions that successful marketers are using to improve their customer marketing results.

Download Your Copy of the Field Guide

The Marketer's Field Guide to Customer Optimization

The key to attaining sustainable revenue growth lies within one of the most powerful resources that a brand has—its customer relationships. Because when marketers fully understand their customers and use that data to optimize their campaigns, they can achieve peak customer marketing performance.

In this field guide, you will find:

  • A roundup of optimization solutions to maximize customer spending at every stage of their journey
  • Trail tips with suggestions on how to use data-driven optimization for peak campaign impact
  • Expert advice on optimization from the leading outfitter of America’s most successful, fastest-growing brands