Data-Driven Solutions for Financial Services Marketers


Marketing Audiences and Enhancement Data that Fuel Faster Growth

When seeking banking, insurance, mortgage, investment, and wealth management services, consumers and businesses look for providers whose offerings are the most immediately relevant to them. Financial services marketers must reach the right people with the right offers at the right moment to drive more conversions and achieve their campaign goals.

This is where Wiland marketing audiences and enhancement data come in. With our deep insight into consumers’ spending behaviors, interests, life stage events, and other indicators of intent, we fuel your most successful acquisition, loyalty, and cross-sell programs.

Solutions that Drive Superior Results

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Custom Marketing Audiences

For campaigns of all kinds—national, regional, or local—we don’t just find more new customers. We find better ones—the people with the highest likelihood to purchase multiple financial products from you. Wiland custom audiences enable you to target your marketing with unsurpassed accuracy to achieve better response rates, lower acquisition costs, and higher return on ad spend.

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Superior Enhancement Data

Wiland View™ is the only enhancement data product built from the largest set of detailed, individual-level spending signals. Using Wiland View data elements within your CRM database or analytics environment enriches your understanding of customers and prospects, enabling you to personalize your marketing more effectively than ever before. With Wiland View, you can accurately predict which financial products each customer is likely to buy and when.

Speed and integrity are everything in the data world and our team at Wiland proactively sprints. They are an extraordinary partner.”

James Fussy, VP of Data & Analytics, Sequel Response.

Multichannel Marketing Success

Wiland audiences and enhancement data help you achieve the highest possible return on marketing investments in every addressable channel.

The Benefits of Working with Wiland

Higher response rates in acquisition campaigns

Lower new customer acquisition cost

Increased customer loyalty and reduced customer churn

More effective cross-selling of financial products

Greater share of customer wallet

Improved personalization of marketing messages

Reduced waste in marketing spend for higher ROI

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