Webinar: Insights Into First-Time Charitable Donors During the Pandemic

Not all new donors are created alike. List brokerage and modeling give valuable access to philanthropically inclined prospects, but these prospects rarely look different from your organization’s existing donors.

What if there were a way to identify younger, more diverse, and higher-earning prospects? Donors who have jumped into philanthropic giving for the first time during the COVID-19 pandemic are a new breed, and acquisition strategies need to change to keep up with this opportunity.

In researching how COVID-19 affected nonprofit acquisition trends, Wiland developed a new way to target this highly valuable and large universe of brand new donors—those you have probably been missing.

Watch this important webinar in which Wiland will reveal the results of this original research and show you how to target these valuable new-to-giving donors:

  • Learn how significantly younger, wealthier, and more diverse these new-to-giving donors are than typical prospects.
  • Find out how they select new organizations to support in different ways than typical prospects.
  • See early test results from Wiland’s new modeling approaches to targeting these prospects.

Webinar Presenters

Our presenters, Roger Hiyama, Emma Nicoletti, Cameron Popp, and Jennifer Ingram
To learn more about how you can reach more new-to-giving donors or to obtain a copy of this presentation, please contact us at info@wiland.com.