More Audiences. More Ad Revenue.


The Data-Driven Approach to Success in the New Media Landscape

The media landscape is ever-evolving and full of unique challenges. But by partnering with Wiland—the best predictor of consumer response—you can turn those big challenges into big, profitable opportunities.

Challenge #1:

Increase advertising revenue

Your Opportunity:

Attract and retain more advertisers and offer targeted, customized solutions by identifying the brands your subscribers shop and follow.

You need to build relationships with new advertisers and expand existing advertiser relationships. We have the data to enrich your pitch and keep your ad revenue soaring. We equip you to:

  • Find the networks, programs, and other media preferences that correlate with advertisers’ brands
  • Offer targeted, customizable opportunities specific to each advertiser
  • Demonstrate the programs and/or genres that your current advertisers’ target audience follows
  • Reactivate lapsed relationships using new consumer insights that prove your strength as an advertising platform.

Challenge #2:

Finding qualified, high-value new subscribers

Your Opportunity:

Acquire your best new subscribers using our ultra-responsive custom audiences that will reach large numbers of consumers ready to subscribe now and remain loyal.

Our audiences are custom-crafted exclusively for your media brand and will improve the targeting of your campaigns across all channels, platforms, and devices. The result? Impressive subscriber growth, and that means greater advertising ROI.

How Our Custom-Crafted Prospect Audiences are Created

Our audiences are powered by vast spending and interest-intensity signals available nowhere else, making us the best predictor of consumer response. Among the proprietary variables that enrich our data are the anonymized, predictive consumer spending insights from 10 million merchants.

Trillions of Continously Refreshed Spending and Intent Signals

Challenge #3:

Retain the best subscribers and increase their long-term value

Your Opportunity:

Optimize subscriber loyalty and upgrade potential by leveraging Wiland’s vast individual-level consumer spending and social media-based interest signals.
Our superior data and industry-best predictive modeling empower you to maximize every subscriber relationship through:

  • Future Value Modeling
    • Predict the long-term value of your subscribers
    • Assign optimal treatment paths to increase lifetime value
  • Attrition Risk Modeling
    • Predict which high-value subscribers are at the greatest risk of lapsing
    • Take informed steps to mitigate attrition
  • Upgrade Propensity Modeling
    • Identify lower-value customers most likely to upgrade
    • Deploy special marketing treatments to increase value
  • Reactivation Modeling
    • Identify lapsed subscribers most likely to sign up again
    • Achieve your most efficient, most successful reactivation campaigns

Ready to Crush Your Subscriber + Ad Revenue Growth Goals?

Let’s talk about creating a new subscriber audience custom-built for your upcoming campaigns. And let us show you how we can help you pitch new advertisers with persona-driven insights about their audience.

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