Let Your Data Work Harder for You


Wiland Can Help You Succeed in Ways
Beyond Subscriber Acquisition

You’re probably aware that Wiland helps publishers acquire new subscribers that renew at a high rate by providing targeted audiences that produce high response and conversion rates. We do this using the largest set of individual-level U.S. spending signals ever assembled, along with other indicators of subscriber intent, including social media engagement data.

What you may not know is that Wiland’s publishing clients are also benefitting from our vast insights into subscriber behavior in other ways. For example, we can help you:

  • Co-target your direct mail audiences in digital campaigns
  • Optimize and reactivate expires and cancels
  • Effectively cross-sell to subscribers from other owned titles
  • Identify your best new ad sales opportunities
  • Expand your audiences to reach more consumers in your advertisers’ markets

Every day, we help the most successful media brands leverage their subscriber data to drive incremental revenue.

Ready to Leverage Your Data in Profitable New Ways?

Let’s talk about all the great opportunities for using your data to create new revenue. And be sure to request a free custom report that identifies your top new ad sales opportunities based on our insights into your subscribers’ brand and category preferences.

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