Webinar: Post-Cookie Acquisition Marketing


The Roadmap to Post-Cookie Acquisition Marketing

How advertisers can build, grow, and reach addressable prospect audiences


The deprecation of third-party cookies and mobile advertising IDs has created challenges for digital marketers, none greater than the limitations placed on customer acquisition campaigns. But you can still reach relevant new customers at scale by utilizing first-party data and platform integrations that enable privacy-compliant prospect audience activation. In this on-demand webinar, you’ll hear from a panel of leading experts as they take an unvarnished look at the challenges that lie ahead in digital advertising, while also offering real-world solutions that can future-proof your customer acquisition campaigns.

In This On-Demand Webinar, You’ll Learn How To:

  • Grow your targetable audience for acquisition campaigns through data collaboration partnerships
  • Utilize your first-party data to create and expand responsive prospect audiences
  • Choose the right platform tools and resources that enable acquisition marketing at scale
  • Discover what the future of privacy-compliant prospect marketing will look like in the days ahead

Download Your Copy of Wiland’s One-Pager ‘Marketing Data Types Defined’ Here


Webinar Presenters

Bruce Biegel with Winterberry Group, Rob Armstrong with Eyeota, and Michelle Harness with Wiland speak on Post-Cookie Acquisition Marketing

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