How to Navigate Rising Mailing Costs

Solutions to Improve Campaign Performance and Profitability

We know that marketers are facing some big challenges as they plan their fall and holiday direct mail campaigns. To name a couple, postage rates are expected to increase this year by an average of 6.5% for letters and 8.8% for flats₁, and prices for all grades of paper are also on the rise₂.

Whether you’re feeling the pressures of rising paper costs, press time procurement, supply chain issues, impending postage rate increases, or all of the above, Wiland has the proven solutions to help you navigate these obstacles and achieve your campaign goals.

As you know, optimizing campaign performance and channel mix are critical factors—and more important than ever in today’s environment of rising mail costs. Here are a few of the ways that we are helping clients optimize their marketing efforts.

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Marketing Budget Optimization™

Rising costs and tighter budgets mean that mailings need to be as cost-efficient as possible. Marketing Budget Optimization enables you to reach the people with the highest likelihood to spend with your brand—eliminating poorly-performing names and wasted marketing spend across ALL of your direct mail circulation.

How Does it Work?

How Does it Work


The Results?

Clients who use Marketing Budget Optimization see increased response rates, increased revenue per piece, higher long-term value, and reduced waste. For one client, increasing mailing efficiency and higher revenue per piece helped them realize savings of approximately $1.3 million.


There’s no charge for optimization when we replace suppressed, low-response names with an equal number or more of high-response names from Wiland.

Managed Digital Campaigns

Shifting more of your budget to digital can be an effective way to combat increased mailing costs. But your digital campaigns must still achieve your revenue and ROI goals. Letting Wiland serve as the single point of accountability for your digital efforts is the fastest, easiest way to ensure that they result in optimal ROI.

How Does it Work?

Wiland’s turnkey digital campaign solutions provide a convenient, affordable, measurable way for you to precisely target your digital advertising. We provide the audience. We run, optimize, and maximize the ROI of your campaigns. And we provide reliable measurement and thorough reporting on the results.

Wiland Managed Digital Campaigns are easy to test, and they drive exceptional engagement and revenue through a customizable set of solutions:

  • Prospecting: Reach the most responsive prospects with targeted display ads continuously optimized in real time for maximum performance.
  • Current and Lapsed Conversion: Get your message in front of the right people at the right time to drive engagement and revenue.
  • Retargeting: Generate incremental revenue by promoting to the recent site visitors most likely to respond.
  • Co-Targeting: Reach people simultaneously online and offline to boost awareness, engagement, and conversions.

The Results?

Recent client successes with Wiland Managed Digital Campaigns include:

  • 74% reduction in cost per acquisition
  • 32:1 campaign co-targeting ROAS
  • 12:1 incremental retargeting ROAS

Brand-Unique Digital Audiences

Adding new, high-response audiences to your digital mix is another way to effectively reallocate budget.

Custom Digital Audiences

Our custom-modeled, brand-unique digital audiences are tailored to your specific objectives, enabling you to target your media with unsurpassed accuracy and achieve better response rates, lower acquisition costs, and higher ROAS. Built using the largest set of individual-level U.S. spending data, Wiland custom digital audiences will drive the best possible results in your digital marketing programs. We can deliver your audience to your DSP or platform of choice for activation across all addressable channels, platforms, and devices, including display, mobile, social, advanced TV, and more.

On-Demand Digital Audiences

Our on-demand audiences cover hundreds of categories and niches. Comprised of people with proven intent to spend in your category, they will improve the performance of your acquisition and brand visibility campaigns—far outperforming ordinary syndicated segments. They are ready for immediate activation at LiveRamp, Google, The Trade Desk, and other leading platforms, or they can be delivered to your DSP or platform of choice as well as to Facebook and other walled gardens.

The Results?

Recent client successes using Wiland digital audiences include:

  • 12,000 new-to-file additions
  • 360% incremental lift
  • 5:1 ROAS


₁ “Commentary: USPS Requests Second Postage Rate Increase in 2021,” by Summer Gould, 2021. Printing Impressions.
Paper Market Update, April 2021. Quad.

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