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Even against today’s challenging headwinds, direct-to-consumer businesses are still growing by reaching new customers uniquely aligned with their brand and ready to buy from them now. And that’s where we can help.

Wiland is the audience and data partner of the most successful DTC brands. Our brand-unique acquisition audiences are custom-crafted by analyzing the largest set of individual-level consumer spending and interest-intensity signals ever assembled. Applying our advanced predictive analytics to these unique data assets, we find the people who will immediately become active buyers with your brand.

Our brand-unique audiences are also modeled for high purchase frequency, so your newly acquired customers will deliver high long-term value by making multiple purchases.

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We don’t charge for this sophisticated custom modeling. You only pay a low CPM when you use the audience in your digital or direct mail campaigns.

Your best new customers are out there. And we’ll help you find them.

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