State of the Nonprofit Industry: Supply Chains, Postal Issues, and Planning Ahead

Watch our panel of industry experts as they discuss major fundraising challenges facing nonprofits today. Charitable organizations are being impacted by an uncertain and inflation-plagued economy, international conflicts, and the lingering effects of the pandemic. During this webinar, we uncover strategies that will help you answer questions including: How much longer will supply chain issues be with us? How will you lessen the impact of scheduling challenges and mailing costs? And, how can you leverage data and predictive modeling to reduce the impacts of the current environment?

What you’ll gain:

  • Updated guidance on supply chain, production, and postal increases
  • Recommendations for developing your year-end and 2023 budgets
  • Fresh ideas for how to maximize your fundraising efforts

Webinar Presenters

Our Presenters: Cheryl Keedy, Dave Lewis, Roger Hiyama, Angela Newsom
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