Wiland Insights

The vast consumer, donor, and subscriber data in the Wiland Cooperative Database is an unrivaled resource for business intelligence. As a result, we provide sophisticated data analysis and reporting to our clients on the trends that are impacting their organizations’ performance. This includes examining their data against the backdrop of billions of transactions from the over 3,700 organizations participating in the Wiland Cooperative Database. Perspective like this uniquely enables Wiland clients to see how their performance compares to similar organizations in their respective markets.

We deliver these business intelligence advantages to our clients through a robust, continuously updated reporting solution called Wiland Insights™. Configured around the industries we serve, including multichannel retail, nonprofit, and publishing, Wiland Insights™ gives decision-makers at all levels of an organization the accurate, reliable information they need.



Actionable Intelligence. Better Decisions.


Wiland Insights™ enables you to explore, visualize, and leverage your business data in ways never before possible. It leverages an organization’s data to produce dozens of custom reports—many of which are further informed by the vast, comparative perspective of the Wiland Cooperative Database.

This powerful set of reports offers proprietary intelligence on vital business metrics including: revenue trends; customer/donor behavior and preferences; merchandise categories; geographic and demographic factors; comparative channel performance; and many other details—all the metrics and trends you need to know in order optimize decision-making for your organization.

Wiland insights™ reports are grouped by category and user relevance in order to maximize their effectiveness for various stakeholders, from circulation managers, merchandisers, and fundraisers to senior marketing and management teams, as well as agencies and other trusted partners. The many benefits of a Wiland Insights™ Premium-level subscription include:

  • The ability to confidently set long-term strategy and make highly informed tactical decisions

  • Data-driven justification for launching new products or programs and eliminating or adapting low-performing ones

  • Early identification of trends, opportunities, and potential vulnerabilities

  • The ability to measure performance against industry peers using Wiland’s proprietary benchmark data

Wiland Insights™ reports display data visually using charts and tables that make them easy to interpret and share in presentations. Reports can also be downloaded as PDF files. The reports are continuously updated and are available for viewing in a secure online portal—the Wiland Client Gateway. Wiland Insights™ is available exclusively to Wiland clients on a subscription basis.

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