Superior Data + Predictive Analytics =
Responsive Audiences

Every day, marketing professionals from the nation’s leading brands, nonprofit organizations, and media publishers rely on Wiland custom-modeled audiences to fuel their success. By leveraging vast, proprietary consumer transaction data along with predictive analytics, we deliver high-performance marketing audiences that produce excellent response rates in every channel. Our audience modeling and segmentation focus not just on initial response, but also on high long-term value—a methodology that pays big dividends on our clients’ marketing investments months and even years down the road.

What Makes Wiland Audiences So Effective?

While demographics, personas, and web surfing behavior have important roles to play in audience creation, it is transaction data that is most predictive of actual response. That’s because the best predictor of future transactional behavior is past transactional behavior. By analyzing independent variables that connect seemingly unrelated data points across multiple spending categories observed within the Wiland Cooperative Database, we produce bespoke audiences that drive high response rates in all marketing channels.


Seeking Quality Audiences for Your Display Campaigns?

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Enabling Pre-Intent Marketing

Before consumers signal that they are even in-market, it is possible to influence their eventual path to purchase. With our massive transaction data and proprietary response prediction technology, we can predict future purchase and donation propensity and capacity with remarkable accuracy. This allows brands to build awareness early in the marketing funnel as well as deliver more relevant messages and offers once consumers are in-market.

We Never Met a Channel We Didn’t Like

Our history of innovation and leadership in audience development goes back many years, spanning numerous industries and multiple channels. Our clients deploy Wiland custom-modeled audiences in multichannel campaigns involving direct mail, digital display, mobile, video, social and other platforms. So whatever your channel strategy, we’ll help you reach highly qualified audiences who will respond to your message.

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