A Marketing Dollar is a Terrible Thing to Waste

A guiding principle at Wiland—one that informs everything we do for our clients—is that better data should lead to better results. We believe that every campaign, every mailing, every promotion must perform better than the one before, because it will have been informed by data from previous efforts.

So in an era when organizations generate an abundance of data (some would say an overabundance), it is crucial to harness that data to optimize the marketing for measurably better results.

With years of data management and statistical analysis applied across numerous sectors, we have developed the resources to help our clients optimize their marketing in remarkable ways. Whether it’s the sophisticated predictive analytics we use to score and segment direct mail audiences, or providing guidance on the proportional bidding in programmatic display, we give our clients a highly competitive edge through innovative, intelligence-driven optimization solutions.

Marketing Budget Optimization

Marketers and fundraisers need to improve their bottom line and increase the long-term value (LTV) of their newly acquired customers or donors. The high price paid to promote unresponsive prospects has taken too much of a bite out of organizations’ marketing budgets. But we can help.

In the direct mail channel for example, every mailing’s net file contains prospects that are not worth further investment; the portion of a net file that is not worth promoting varies widely, from a low of 5% to a high of 50% or more; 10% to 25% is typical. An average of about 20% of every mailing is wasted. Wiland Marketing Budget Optimization™ is an analytical service that uses sophisticated predictive analytics to remove unprofitable names, low-LTV names, and either replace them with better-performing names to meet circulation goals, or save the client significant money that can be reallocated to other channels or simply go to the bottom line.

We offer similar optimization for digital channel audiences, enabling marketers and fundraisers to concentrate their budgets based on hard data and rigorous testing.

Customer Lifecycle Segmentation and Modeling

Wiland clients enjoy a competitive edge by knowing the likely migration path of different cohorts among their customers. Our proprietary Customer Lifecycle Segmentation and Modeling solution identifies the lifecycle segments within a client’s file, and then map the likely trajectory of each customer in every segment. This enables deployment of optimal offers and marketing treatments that lead to better response. There are two steps to the process:

Step One: Lifecycle Segmentation

We begin by working with you to identify key lifecycle segments within your customer file, differentiating individuals based on recency, frequency, and high- versus low-value as determined by their known spending patterns. Customers are assigned to lifecycle segments, and then further analyzed based on their transactional activity across the thousands of other brands in the Wiland Database. This enables us to identify the most likely migration path for your customers and their future transactional behaviors.

If CRM is the engine that drives customer engagement, Wiland Customer Lifecycle Segmentation and Modeling is the high-octane additive that makes that engine perform like a champion.

Step Two: Migration Modeling

We build predictive models that maximize the value and profit potential of customers within each lifecycle segment. This enables you to target and optimize marketing treatments for greater immediate response while also cultivating long-term customer value. With this ability to see the future trajectory of millions of customers, you can drive engagement, increase conversions, and reduce waste in all marketing channels.

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