Wiland Insights™


Actionable Intelligence. Better Decisions.™

Wiland Insights™ is a business intelligence solution that enables you to explore, visualize, and leverage your transaction data in ways never before possible. The custom reports provided with Wiland Insights help you to:

  • Identify and capitalize on vital trends
  • Inform marketing strategy
  • Make highly informed tactical decisions

The business intelligence served up by Wiland Insights™ is easy to digest and put into action, with the Wiland Client Gateway’s customizable dashboard and intuitive navigation! Each time you sign on, you will see the most recent data we have from you reflected in your dashboard and Wiland Insights reports.

Wiland Insights Dashboard

The Wiland Insights subscription home page is accessed via the Wiland Client Gateway–our secure, private portal. Check out the video below and see how the Wiland Insights dashboard allows you to:

  • Get the big picture: See your most important key metrics every time you log in.
  • Dig deeper into the data: Easily and quickly locate additional marketing intelligence, including benchmark reports about your performance versus that of your peers.
  • View updated performance metrics: Dashboard metrics and reports are updated as often as you refresh your data with us.


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