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New Research on the Future of Digital Marketing:
Identity, Collaboration, Permission, and Privacy


Winterberry Group White Paper Leverages Wiland’s Expertise in
Privacy-Compliant Data Collaboration


NIWOT, CO—January 19, 2021—Wiland, Inc. the largest independent cooperative database platform in the U.S., today announced its participation as a Premier Sponsor of the Winterberry Group’s new research paper Collaborative Data Solutions: Data and Identity in the Era of Permission. Focusing on major shifts in data-driven marketing in 2021 and beyond, this study explores a variety of ways for brands, agencies, publishers, and data providers to collaborate in the areas of sharing, protecting, activating, and monetizing privacy-compliant data assets.

The pressures leading to this evolution come from multiple sources: the deprecation of third-party cookies, increased data privacy regulation, and concerns about the provenance of third-party data. According to the white paper, the path to success lies in moving the entire digital ecosystem towards collaborative, permission-based, privacy-compliant data solutions.

“At Wiland, we see the power of data collaboration firsthand,” said Mark Kinney, Wiland EVP, Product Management. “In a blind market study, our clients reported that they see on average 55% better ROI from Wiland cooperative database audiences compared to other sources. Our thousands of clients benefit from audiences predictively modeled from the largest set of individual-level spending and interest-intensity signals ever assembled. The Winterberry Group’s research reinforces our belief in the power of collaborative data solutions. We anticipate accelerated adoption of these solutions by more organizations in the years ahead.”

For more information, and to download the Winterberry Group’s Collaborative Data Solutions: Data and Identity in the Era of Permission, click here.


About Wiland

As the best predictor of consumer, donor, and business spending behavior, Wiland operates the largest independent cooperative database platform. By applying advanced predictive analytics to the largest set of individual-level spending data, Wiland enables brands, nonprofits, and agencies to find people ready to respond and become high-value customers and donors. Wiland’s proprietary response prediction engine analyzes trillions of continuously refreshed, individual-level spending and interest-intensity signals to create custom, brand-unique audiences. Wiland also offers hundreds of high-response, category-specific audiences ready to activate at all leading platforms and walled gardens. Thousands of organizations trust Wiland with their first-party data in a tightly controlled, privacy-centric, second-party data usage environment, and use Wiland audiences in campaigns across all addressable channels, enabling relevant connections at massive scale. Wiland has long served as a leader in the ethical use and protection of consumer and donor data. For more information, visit


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Winterberry Group is a specialized management consultancy with deep experience in advertising, marketing, data, technology, and commerce. Winterberry Group’s proven methodologies address the needs of firms in its core industries, enabling brands, publishers, marketing service providers, and technology developers to understand emerging opportunities, create actionable strategies, and grow their value and global impact. For more information, visit

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