NEW Winterberry Group
White Paper


Collaborative Data Solutions: Data and Identity
in the Era of Permission


With the depreciation of third-party cookies, increased concern about the provenance of third-party data, and evolving privacy regulations, digital marketers are looking at both familiar and evolving collaborative data solutions to compete in a rapidly-changing data landscape.

This must-read new white paper from Winterberry Group explores a variety of ways for brands, agencies, publishers, and data providers to collaborate in the areas of sharing, protecting, activating, and monetizing privacy-compliant data assets.

As a Premier Sponsor of this paper, Wiland worked with Winterberry Group to offer our perspective as the nation’s leading independent cooperative database. Curated from interviews with our executives and other data industry experts, this white paper analyzes:

  • The market drivers making collaborative data solutions necessary
  • How collaboration and the future of the market rely on permission
  • The leading collaborative data solutions and their outlook
  • Collaboration’s impact on the advertising and marketing ecosystems
Collaborative Data Solutions

Working with Wiland, you’ve experienced the strength in numbers that comes from our cooperative database. As a thank-you for being our valued partner, please download the new Winterberry Group white paper here.