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Nonprofit organizations should give constant attention to all aspects of Donor Cultivation

Donor Cultivation begins with building a positive image of the organization in the mind of prospects.  Then, when a prospect first gives, attention should be given to nurturing the donor, and moving them up The Donor Pyramid over time. 

Most nonprofit organizations perform all or most of the functions associated with The Donor Pyramid but some organizations fail to give sufficient attention to optimization of the strategy. Acquiring a lot of donors, attempting to upgrade them, and eventually asking some of them for large gifts is a step in the right direction, but this strategy should be optimized.  

A Donor Cultivation strategy that has not been optimized may produce far too many high-cost donors who never make a second gift, likely will never upgrade significantly, and almost certainly will never make a large gift or a planned gift. In today's world of high costs and intense competition for donor dollars, fundraisers need to focus not only on how many donors they acquire but also on the quality of donors acquired - and simultaneously focus on on implementing effective programs that upgrade donors and move them toward the top of the pyramid. 

Do you agree?  Please write an article about The Donor Pyramid, and about Donor Cultivation in general.  What types of programs that are effective at each stage of the pyramid?

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