New Customer Acquisition

Find prospects who are the most likely to become—and stay—loyal customers. Our predictive analytics and modeling solutions identify the best new prospects from within our vast database of detailed consumer behavior. This means you can acquire new customers more affordably and realize the best return on investment for your acquisition campaigns in all channels.

Increasing Revenue from Current Customers

Understand your customers as never before. Our extensive data, analytics, and segmentation allow you to concentrate your resources on the most promising customers in your CRM database. We also help you avoid the high cost of continuing to pursue the wrong customers, and focus on those whose behavior, as indicated in our data, indicates brand loyalty and the likelihood of using multiple products offered by your institution.

Reactivating Lapsed Customers

Make past customers part of your future marketing plans with our customer reactivation modeling. We can identify the inactive customers who are most likely to become loyal customers, based on their recent, relevant activity elsewhere as observed in the Ultimate Database.

Lead Scoring and CRM Optimization

Focus your marketing efforts (and dollars) on the customers who are most likely to respond to your next offer. For financial services organizations that generate a large number of leads in their advertising efforts, our predictive models will score those leads and enable you to prioritize follow-up sales and marketing efforts for maximum ROI. Our predictive modeling also determines which customers within your CRM data have the greatest potential lifetime value. We will identify customers you currently market to who are unprofitable, and find inactive customers who are more likely to come back for their financial needs.

Marketing Budget Optimization™

Cut the waste out of expensive direct mail prospecting and customer marketing. Our predictive models will rank names on your lists from top to bottom, giving you the confidence to remove low-performing names from future promotions. Unresponsive names can then be replaced with better prospects to drive growth, or the savings can 1) be applied to other campaigns, 2) fund marketing across other channels, or 3) simply go to the bottom line.

Getting Started

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