Wiland Announces Addition to Business Intelligence Product Suite: Wiland Insights™ for Publishers

Niwot, CO – July 24, 2018 – Wiland, Inc., a trusted data partner providing intelligence-driven marketing solutions to organizations across multiple industries, has announced that their business intelligence solution Wiland Insights is now available for the publishing industry.

Utilizing the actionable intelligence of Wiland Insights to explore, visualize, and leverage their business data in ways never before possible, publishers are empowered to improve subscriber growth and retention. By gaining a comprehensive view of their subscribers’ behavior, their spending propensities in multiple consumer categories, and publishing industry benchmarks, publishers can take more informed, more strategic actions to position their titles for increased success.

“The publishing industry has seen a tremendous change in recent years,” said Jan Chandler, Division Vice President with Wiland. “As the space continues to evolve, we are thrilled to offer publishers the opportunity to use business intelligence to successfully navigate the challenges they are facing.”

Through a collection of powerful reports—many of which are informed by the vast, comparative perspective of the Wiland Cooperative Database—publishing clients using Wiland Insights receive proprietary intelligence on their vital business metrics. This enables them to:

  • Pinpoint and capitalize on optimal editorial and advertising opportunities based on subscriber spending behaviors
  • Maximize marketing efforts to grow a stable, loyal subscriber base and increase retention by discovering the prospects and current subscribers most likely to have high long-term value
  • Formulate strategies based on known gaps and vulnerabilities by understanding how retention rates, file growth, and other key metrics compare in their category
  • Prioritize solutions that make the most sense for their business by determining the macro trends shaping the industry

The addition of Wiland Insights for publishers complements the highly regarded business intelligence reporting solution Wiland has developed for multichannel retail, nonprofit and other sectors. To learn more about this expansion of Wiland Insights, interested parties can visit https://wiland.com/what-we-deliver/business-intelligence/ or contact info@wiland.com.

Media Contact
David Heitman, VP Communications
303.485.8686 x192