Introducing CLEAR Advantage™

A powerful new approach for building high-volume, highly responsive acquisition audiences

At Wiland, we are always pushing the limits of technology to produce better results for our clients. Our latest development is a powerful new audience modeling platform called CLEAR™—and it represents a quantum leap in Response Prediction Technology™. The first new product built from this revolutionary platform is CLEAR Advantage™, a response modeling solution that can significantly improve the performance and profitability of high-volume acquisition campaigns.

CLEAR Advantage™ analyzes myriad transactional data points and integrates hundreds of machine learning processes. It detects relevant interactions within our vast consumer and donor data in order to systematically construct custom, client-specific variables that predict prospect responsiveness.

In addition to finding highly responsive new prospects, the CLEAR™ modeling platform has also proven to predict non-responsiveness with great precision. The result is a new level of marketing efficiency that reduces wasted marketing spend and drives improved acquisition campaign ROI.


What CLEAR Advantage™ Can Do For You:

1. Increase Prospect Audience Volume

With CLEAR Advantage™ you can be selective about the prospects you promote, yet do so at large scale. CLEAR™ finds multiple subsets of highly responsive new names that other methods can miss.

2. Produce More Initial Revenue

CLEAR Advantage™ optimizes marketing to achieve immediate revenue gains in acquisition campaigns. Extensive testing identified a 28% median lift at the top of CLEAR Advantage™ models compared to other modeling methods.

3. Maximize Long-Term Value of Newly Acquired Customers/Donors/Subscribers

CLEAR Advantage™ enables you to identify, reach, and begin building relationships with high-value customers, donors and subscribers who will transact again within shorter time frames…and for years to come.

4. Improve Acquisition Marketing Efficiency

When tested against other modeling solutions, CLEAR Advantage™ identified up to an additional 24% in waste associated with non-responsive names that could be eliminated, thus reducing the cost of acquisition campaigns.

5. Enable Faster, More Accurate Depth Testing

CLEAR Advantage™ models pinpoint subsets of prospects which, in combination, form a large unified pool of names that can be depth tested to find the maximum number of profitable segments.

6. Eliminate Marketing Budget Waste

CLEAR Advantage™ enables you to assess the quality of rented and exchange names used in your acquisition efforts and optimize them for maximum performance.

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