Responsive Audiences Built on Actual Spending


Find people who will buy, not just shop

Every day, we connect the most successful brands and their agencies to millions of buyers. Wiland’s brand-unique prospect audiences are built using the largest set of individual-level spending and interest intensity signals ever assembled. We analyze this vast consumer spending at the brand level to identify people who will buy from you or your client—enabling you to target your media with unsurpassed precision, even at scale.

Wiland brand-unique audiences are modeled not just for immediate response, but also for high long-term value. That means we deliver consumers who will buy from you now and who are likely to make multiple purchases in the future.

We make it easy to get started and begin testing brand-unique audiences in your upcoming campaigns. We don’t charge for custom modeling or audience creation. You pay only when you use the audience in your campaigns.

So let’s talk! We’re ready to help you find responsive consumers ready to buy from you now.

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