Helping Nonprofit Clients Grow

Equip Your Nonprofit Clients for Success

Helping Nonprofit Clients Grow

If your agency serves nonprofit organizations, you know that fundraising is the engine that drives their success. So they need the best possible targeting in their multichannel marketing campaigns.

That’s why the nation’s leading nonprofit organizations rely on Wiland to deliver responsive audiences unique to each organization for deployment in their fundraising campaigns. We will equip you to help your charitable and political nonprofit clients affordably find new donors as well as re-engage lapsed donors. We also offer unparalleled donor intelligence to enable optimization of campaigns that generate more frequent giving and larger gifts from existing donors.

So as you seek to deliver the best possible campaign results for your nonprofit clients, let’s partner together to help them grow their revenue and fulfill their mission.

Fundraising Campaign Success Starts Here

Ready to unlock more revenue generation for your nonprofit clients? We’re here to help with the most responsive custom-crafted fundraising audiences.

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