Precision Media Targeting

Campaigns That Crush It

Precision Media Targeting

What if you could see a quantum leap in response in your next client campaign? And every campaign after that?

It all begins with accurately identifying people who are uniquely predisposed to spend with each client’s brand and being able to do that at large scale.

Agencies looking for this kind of advantage rely on Wiland to deliver brand-unique audiences that are custom-crafted to drive the most successful acquisition marketing.

Wiland has more consumer spending data than any other audience provider. And with the most advanced, AI-enabled response prediction platform, we’ll equip you with ultra-responsive audiences for your clients’ campaigns across all addressable channels and devices including display, direct mail, mobile, social, video, email, and advanced television.

The first step? Let’s work together to create a brand-unique audience for one of your upcoming campaigns. It’s easy and fast to get started, and you’ll immediately see a lift in results.

Needle-Moving Acquisition Campaigns Start Here!

Your next client prospecting campaign could be the best-performing one ever. Let's talk about creating a brand-unique audience for it.

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