Data-Driven Biz Dev


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Data-Driven Biz Dev

Prospective clients are looking for proof that you’re the best possible match for their needs. Your track record and portfolio of successes are the foundation of a great pitch. But your future clients also want to know that you have reliable data to back up your ideas.

So what if you could go in with proprietary insights about their customers that no other agency has? What if you could tell them more about their customers than they already know themselves, before they’ve even retained you as their agency?

You’d have their attention, and isn’t that what advertising is all about?

So while competing agencies might rely on survey results for insights, you could enrich your pitch with the one thing that really counts: understanding how a client’s customers spend their money. Because that’s the most accurate predictor of future customer and prospect spend. And Wiland has more of these truly predictive signals than anyone else.

Relevant data is the key to making your pitch client-centric rather than merely focused on your agency’s services. It proves you are truly interested in their success.


When you partner with Wiland, you’ll have access to the largest, most detailed consumer spending data to back up your pitch. We’ll equip your biz dev team with reports on how the prospect’s customers spend their money, what their priorities and interests are, and what they follow on social media.

And when a new client relationship begins with a data-driven foundation like this, it can only get better from there.

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