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Fostering Collaboration to Better Serve our Clients

Equipping our clients for success means working collaboratively with the agencies, brokers, and consultants who also serve them. Many of our people here at Wiland come from the agency world and are able to look at things from an agency perspective. As we continually innovate and launch new products, we keep our agency, broker, and consultant partners informed so they can leverage our intelligence-driven marketing solutions for their clients’ benefit.

Agency Client Relationship at Wiland


For agencies seeking to leverage sophisticated consumer and donor intelligence on behalf of their clients, Wiland offers a collaborative partnership that produces measurable results. We help agencies and their clients make data-driven decisions that fuel everything from long-term marketing strategy to individual promotions, and everything in between. Just some of the many benefits for agencies of partnering with Wiland include:

  • Moving from Responding to Consumer/Donor Behavior to Predicting It

    By analyzing the totality of data on every consumer in our database, we enable agencies to predict which audiences will be most responsive to various brands, messages and offers.

  • Giving Strategic Direction to Creative

    As agency creatives think about how to break through the clutter and move an audience to action, we can provide deep insights into the behavior, priorities, and spending habits of the people they are trying to reach.

  • Increasing Precision of Media Spend

    When agencies are tasked with allocating their clients’ media dollars, they can take advantage of Wiland’s audience segmentation and customer optimization solutions. This helps them optimize budgets for maximum impact in all channels.

  • Making Digital Advertising Work Like Direct Marketing

    Display advertising can be deployed with previously unheard-of precision when using Wiland data. We help agencies optimize programmatic bidding so they can bid proportionately according the value of the prospects and customers their clients need to reach.


The brokers who serve our clients exercise an important stewardship over their clients’ promotional budgets. They are tasked with finding new customers or donors, optimizing revenue from existing customers and donors, and knowing when to suppress names that aren’t performing. To do that takes data—accurate, relevant, continuously refreshed data. And that’s what Wiland delivers to our broker partners as they serve our mutual clients. We are committed to testing and measuring results where we find that in head-to-head comparisons, our intelligence-driven modeling produces superior prospect universes and customer/donor scoring that outperform other sources and thus provide large numbers of incremental names that produce great results in all channels.


We partner with leading consultants who specialize in the many industries we serve. They discover that Wiland is the kind of data partner that can inform their work with a wealth of business intelligence to drive day-to-day decision-making and inform long-term strategy.

As consultants and their clients seek to understand their audiences in more refined, nuanced ways, and to develop accurate personas, Wiland has the transactional data and analytics to make those personas significantly more predictive of actual behavior.

If you are an agency professional, broker, or consultant and are looking for a trusted data partner who can help you optimize the work you do for your clients, let’s talk.

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