Customer Modeling and Scoring

Maximizing Your Customer Data = Improved Customer Marketing Performance

Your customer data is your brand’s greatest marketing asset. But are you maximizing its potential in your customer marketing campaigns?

Full File Customer Modeling and Scoring is a powerful solution proven to help marketers mail more strategically and profitably, which is especially crucial in times of rising mailing costs. With a comprehensive understanding of how your customers are spending with thousands of other brands, Wiland can analyze your customer data, scoring every contact by their likelihood to transact with you in the future. With this powerful knowledge you can run your best, most profitable campaigns.

Using Wiland’s Full File Modeling and Scoring, you can:

  • Improve bottom line profitability by enhancing housefile segmentation
  • Increase revenue by converting one-time and inactive buyers who are the most likely to provide high long-term value
  • Reduce campaign costs by omitting low-scoring customers from otherwise profitable segments
  • Achieve higher response rates at deeper mailing depths

How Does it Work?

Wiland’s vast consumer spending signals provide a detailed, panoramic view of how your customers spend outside of their interactions with your brand. This wealth of data reaches far beyond your RFM segmentation and incorporates proprietary purchase data across thousands of organizations. It highlights which of your customers are still actively spending in your category, even if they’re not purchasing with you right now.

Using this data, Wiland builds custom models to score and rank your entire housefile, enabling you to determine the customers most likely to spend with your brand. The results? More revenue, less marketing waste, and a more profitable bottom line.

Wiland can update your full file model scores quarterly or more frequently to ensure that they are informed by the most recent customer data. Contact us today at to learn how this solution can improve your customer marketing performance.

Your Customer Data Should Be Working Harder for You!

Learn How Full File Modeling and Scoring Can Improve Your Bottom Line

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