Customer Reactivation

Find Inactive Buyers Who Are Ready to Spend Again

Do you have high-value customers who have purchased from you in the past but have since become inactive? We can help you identify the ones most likely to re-engage and resume spending with you.

Customer reactivation is one of the most affordable ways to generate additional revenue, and we can help you determine which inactive customers you should (and shouldn’t) be promoting. That’s because our vast consumer spending data enables us to observe which of your lapsed customers are still spending in your category and correlated categories. Our response prediction platform then ranks them by likelihood to come back and spend with you again.

Using Wiland’s Customer Reactivation solution, you can:

  • Generate additional revenue by converting high-value inactive customers
  • Capture market share by reaching inactive customers who are actively spending in your category
  • Reduce marketing waste by omitting inactive customers who are unlikely to re-engage

Why is Lapsed Customer Reactivation So Important?

Reactivating a lapsed customer is usually less expensive than acquiring a new one. That makes reactivation a smart strategy, especially in times of rising marketing costs. When informed by Wiland’s vast consumer spending data, your reactivation campaigns will produce measurably better ROI, ensuring both near-term and future revenue growth. Alongside your acquisition and active customer marketing programs, reactivation campaigns will get your lapsed ideal customers spending with you again—the people most likely to make multiple purchases.

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Re-Engage Inactive Customers Still Spending in Your Category

Learn How Lapsed Customer Reactivation Can Drive New Revenue

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