More Repeat Purchases


Double-Down on Repeat Buyers

More Repeat Purchases

High recurring revenue begins with targeting consumers who are most likely to spend multiple times with your brand. So how do you know which new prospects to target?

That’s where we can help. Leveraging massive, individual-level consumer spending data, we craft brand-unique marketing audiences that drive acquisition of new customers who will be responsive to your offers and who are known to be long-term, high-frequency buyers.

So rather than spending media dollars to reach people who might respond but merely shop around, you could be targeting new customers who will purchase from you multiple times over many years.

We also help you identify the customers on your housefile who are worth additional marketing investment because of their higher likelihood of making multiple purchases. By consistently targeting your online and offline marketing to these high-value customers, you can expect a superior return on ad spend, greater customer loyalty, and increased share of customer wallet.

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