Media Spend Efficiency


Success in Marketing is All About Who You “No”

Media Spend Efficiency

Marketing waste is not inevitable. It’s possible to dramatically improve the efficiency of your media and marketing investments.

It all begins, of course, by targeting the right people—those who will spend with your brand, not just endlessly surf and shop. (We will help you find the spenders and avoid the mere shoppers.)

When it comes to digital audiences, unlike other providers, we deliver our brand-unique prospect audiences in tiers that allow you to bid proportionately in your programmatic campaigns based on the likely response of every consumer you reach.

And for direct mailers, Wiland’s proprietary Marketing Budget Optimization™ offers a new level of precision for targeted mailings, leveraging our vast, brand-level transaction data and predictive analytics to identify the high-value prospects who will fuel your campaign’s success.

Equally important, Marketing Budget Optimization finds the unresponsive names on your prospect files that are no longer worth your further marketing investment. So when it comes to predictively analyzing your mailing, you’ll know when to hold ‘em…and when to fold ‘em.

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Reduce Your Waste Line and Improve Your ROI

Let us show you how to reduce unproductive marketing spend and make every media dollar drive better top-line revenue.

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