More Precise Media Measurement

More Precise Media Measurement

Better Analysis of Media Performance

Clients expect—and deserve—the best measurement and analysis of their media spend. And they are most interested in one question:

Can you prove that our media buy is generating more revenue?

That’s why we offer a refreshing alternative to the many attribution methods out there. Our proprietary methodology accurately measures campaign performance in terms of newly generated revenue. Using a proven-reliable matchback analysis to connect both online and offline sales to a campaign, we help you isolate the exact portion of revenue that would not otherwise have occurred during the campaign period.

This approach to measurement helps you focus on media targeting effectiveness by measuring the true incremental increase in customer purchases. As the most accurate methodology for assessing a campaign’s impact, it is the key to fostering ever-greater confidence and trust with your clients.

Improve How You Prove

Discover how to help your clients see the revenue generated by the campaigns you run.

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