Growing Current Donor Revenue

Unlock the Superpowers of Your Donor List

Growing Current Donor Revenue

As you already know, your list of donors is the key to future revenue generation. But which of the many people who have given in the past could become more frequent donors or givers of larger gifts?

You certainly have the ability to look at past giving behavior of your donors and make projections about who to focus on for more and larger gifts. But it takes a broader view of their total charitable giving, and even their consumer spending, to obtain the necessary 360-degree view of their capacity and propensity to be more productive givers to your charitable or political nonprofit.

That’s where Wiland can help. We’ve enabled nonprofits in all categories to increase their revenue from current donors—or even lapsed ones for that matter—by analyzing their charitable giving and spending beyond the gifts they make to one organization. Our AI-driven predictive modeling enables you to target your multichannel marketing to the people most likely to give higher amounts and give more frequently.

For most nonprofits, this is the easiest and fastest way to drive incremental revenue while also enhancing donor relationships.

How much additional revenue could you quickly find using this approach? Let’s find out together.

Find More Frequent Donors and Larger Gifts

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