Keep and Reactivate Donors


Keeping and Re-Engaging Great Donors

Keep and Reactivate Donors

Donor attrition rate impacts every other fundraising KPI you work so hard to achieve. There are a lot of reasons for donors lapsing, many of them beyond your control, but it’s a fact of life. As a result, your donor file contains a significant number of people who could be reactivated to begin giving again.

But to do that efficiently takes answering some important questions: Are they still active in charitable giving? If so, in what categories? Were they high-value donors in the first place? Which inactive donors are now worth the investment of further outreach efforts, and which are not?

That’s where Wiland’s unsurpassed donor spending data and AI-driven response prediction platform come in. We help organizations like yours identify the lapsed donors most likely to begin giving again. Because we are able to observe their total spending and donation behavior, we can identify the people you should continue to pursue across multiple channels to grow your recurring revenue.

And since donor reactivation can be far less expensive than new donor acquisition, this represents a substantial revenue opportunity for most nonprofits.

Can Donor Churn Be Predicted and Prevented?

Our proprietary algorithms say “yes,” enabling Attrition Risk Modeling that can predict which core donors are at the greatest risk of lapsing. That enables you to take the appropriate steps to mitigate attrition before they lapse. The result is reduced loss of high-value donors and increased share of donor giving.

So whether you need to retain more of your ideal donors or reactivate the ones who have wandered off, we’re here to help.

Improve Your Recurring Revenue Stream

Let’s talk about how you can optimize donor retention and reactivation to drive consistently better recurring revenue.

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