A Major Increase in Major Donors

Hiding in Plain Sight: Your Future Major Donors

A Major Increase in Major Donors

No doubt you’ve asked yourself, “How many people on our housefile could become major donors to our cause—and who are they?

To answer that question, we have developed a specialized scoring of major donor potential that indicates an individual’s inclination and capacity to make a large donation to a particular organization.

To do this for you, we can rank your organization’s housefile and provide scores for the top potential major donors. The higher the score, the more likely the individual is to give, and the more likely it is that their gift will be substantial.

This scoring is organization-specific, based on detailed transaction-level data, not just a generalized score of capacity to give. Thus, two people who look exactly alike in terms of age, income, home value, and other demographic characteristics may have vastly different major gift potential for your unique nonprofit.

Along with the score, we provide a target range for each probable major donor, enabling you to gain insight into charitable gift amounts that might be expected from the highest scoring individuals.

So, how many more major gifts will you find? Let’s work together to find out!

A Major Increase in Major Donors

They’re there, just waiting to be engaged. Wiland can tell you who on your list is primed for major giving.

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