Post-Merge Optimization


Discover Real Direct Mail Savings with Post-Merge Optimization Powered by Wiland AI

With direct mail costs rising so significantly, your donor acquisition campaigns must be as productive and cost-effective as possible. So how do you avoid the risk of wasting precious fundraising dollars on unresponsive names? How do you focus on reaching only the people with the highest likelihood to give to your organization?

Post-Merge Optimization powered by Wiland AI is helping nonprofits gain significant direct mail savings while achieving higher-performing donor acquisition. By empowering fundraisers to remove their lowest-performing names from their mailings, Wiland is helping them realize:

Response Rates

Immediate Cost

Marketing Waste

Even a good mailing list contains some bad names. Wiland can identify them.

How Wiland’s Post-Merge Optimization Works

Send Your Net File to Wiland Prior to Mailing   Wiland Applies AI-Enabled Predictive Modeling Leveraging Our Vast Donor Data to Rank Names   Retain Your Best Names and Drop Your Worst Names   Mail Your Optimized List While Retaining or Redirecting Savings to More Effective Audiences or Channels

What could your organization do with thousands of dollars in campaign cost savings?

The money you’ll save can be reinvested to:

  • Reach additional higher-performing audiences
  • Pair direct mail campaigns with digital co-targeting
  • Test other new fundraising channels
  • Test new package and offer types

…and much more!

Start Saving Now

Discover why fundraisers who use Wiland’s Post-Merge Optimization won’t mail without it.

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