Optimal Fundraising Stewardship

Success in Fundraising is All About Who You “No”

Optimal Fundraising Stewardship

Extensive fundraising waste is not inevitable. With the right data and the use of predictive analytics, it’s possible to dramatically improve the efficiency of your multichannel campaigns. You can produce more revenue while spending less.

It all begins, of course, by targeting the right people—those who are most likely to give to your organization. Wiland can predict with optimal accuracy the prospective new donors you should invest in reaching.

For direct mailers, Wiland’s proprietary Marketing Budget Optimization™ offers a new level of precision in targeted mailing that identifies the highest-value prospects within your net file who will produce exceptional results.

Equally important, Marketing Budget Optimization finds the unresponsive names that are no longer worth additional marketing effort. We help you confidently say “no” to further investment in cultivating them.

If you feel your fundraising efforts could benefit from dramatically reducing waste, let’s talk. We have proven-successful solutions to help you reach achieve your fundraising KPIs.

Reduce Your Waste Line and Improve Your ROI

Let us show you how to reduce unproductive fundraising spend and make every marketing dollar count.

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