Optimal Fundraising Stewardship


Success in Fundraising is All About Who You “No”

Rising postage and printing costs are presenting challenges for fundraisers as they plan their direct mail campaigns. But Wiland’s Marketing Budget Optimization™ is improving campaign performance for leading nonprofits in all categories—helping them overcome these challenges and maximize the ROI of every campaign.

How have Wiland clients benefited from Marketing Budget Optimization? Here are some examples:

  • 81% increase in overall revenue per piece on a 2 million+ prospect mailing
  • Savings of $1.3 million in marketing cost in a single campaign while still achieving overall revenue objectives
  • Turning a loss of 12% on the lowest-ranking 100,000 prospect names into positive contribution of 16% by replacing them with high-ranking Wiland names
  • 23% increase in response rate on dropped and replaced prospect names, resulting in immediate positive contribution and higher long-term value

Using advanced predictive analytics, Marketing Budget Optimization identifies the names on your net file that you should retain and those that you should omit—before you mail. We then supply high-response replacement names in order to meet your planned mail quantities. This enables you to reach the people with the highest likelihood to give to your organization while eliminating poorly performing names and reducing wasted fundraising spend.

See How Marketing Budget Optimization Works

There’s no charge for the optimization when we replace suppressed, low-response names with an equal number or more of high-response Wiland names.

By analyzing the largest donor database in America, we give you a clear view of the likely responsiveness and long-term value of every person on your net file. This lets you maximize ROI by reducing waste and focusing on the donors who are most likely to respond to your appeals.

Easy to test and implement without affecting your mailing schedule, Marketing Budget Optimization is the proven solution for nonprofits seeking to overcome the challenges of rising mailing costs.

Maximize Response Rate and Campaign ROI

Learn how to reduce potentially unproductive fundraising spend and make every marketing dollar go farther.

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