Big News for All Digital Advertisers


At Wiland, we are continuing to increase the number of on-demand, market-superior digital audiences that we have available to digital advertisers. Marketers across numerous categories now have access to hundreds of purchase intent-driven audiences available at with more being added all the time. They are available for use by any reputable marketer.

These audiences are  not built using the Wiland Cooperative Database. They are instead created by leveraging uniquely curated licensed and proprietary partner data. These powerful data partnerships include Amex Advance, the personalization services business of American Express. We have also created proprietary algorithms that connect the dots between social media engagement data and consumer spending propensity. These powerful insights bring an entirely new level of precision to media targeting, and our clients are seeing the positive results.

Our objective is for Ultimate Audiences to offer at least one on-demand digital audience for every appropriate niche of the American economy. Many niches are already well covered. Audiences for others are being added rapidly. The best options for advertisers targeting a specific niche are either these Ultimate On-Demand Audiences or the development of a custom audience built specifically for a single brand.

In addition to these precisely targeted niche audiences, we have recently added very large, broad market audiences based on age, gender, and spending capacity. These audiences redefine how demographics can be used in large-scale marketing efforts and should significantly outperform the simple age and gender segments that are available elsewhere in other digital data stores. Advertisers seeking to reach very large audiences should immediately begin using these new audiences. We refer to them as “Better Basics.”  They are “basics” because they deal with age and gender—two basic selects used by many marketers.  But they are “better” for at least three reasons:

  1. These audiences rank nearly every U.S. adult by age, gender, plus tendency to spend.
  2. They are priced below the typical cost for age/gender segments, despite being far superior.
  3. They are “tiered” to enable digital media buyers to improve Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).  The three tiers are delivered to your DSP or ad platform as follows:
  • Platinum: Consumers who are most likely to spend soon in your category are in the Platinum tier. Strategy: Bid higher to win programmatic ad opportunities; optimize to achieve strong results. Typically, about 15% of the total audience size is Platinum.
  • Gold: Likely responders to your brand and offers. Strategy: Bid lower than for Platinum; achieve strong results because of lower cost. Typically, about 30% of the total audience size is Gold.
  • Silver: Good prospects who likely can be acquired at lower media cost. The Silver tier extends reach at low cost per impression. Strategy: Bid lower, extend reach, and achieve good ROI.

These distinct tiers empower you to better optimize your ad budget based on predicted responsiveness, giving you the confidence that your budget is being directed with the greatest potential for high Return on Ad Spend.

Our broad market audiences encompass active spenders—Known Active Buyers—in multiple categories:

  • Adult Consumers
  • Adult Females
  • Adults Males
  • Adults Age 18-31
  • Adults Age 32-49
  • Adults Age 50-63
  • Adults Age 64+

Details about each of these “Better Basic” audiences can be viewed HERE.

We’ve thus made it easy to reach large audiences of highly active consumers at a very low cost. Our recommendation would be to replace any generic demographic audiences you use today with our predictively superior spending intent audiences. They are better because they are based on actual spending data and are tiered to facilitate smarter bidding. There is no minimum spend. They work, so we know we will benefit as you spend more on media using our audiences. You can find them at The Trade Desk, Google, and LiveRamp; or find them and learn more at our self-service portal, You can also contact any Wiland representative today to discover the ideal audience for your next campaign.

So, as you can see, we have achieved a quantum leap in audience targeting effectiveness. These are targeted media buying solutions that have never before been possible! So you can see why we consider this Big News for All Digital Advertisers.

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