Targeted, Data-Driven Solutions
for Political Fundraisers

It has become axiomatic in recent years that the political organization with the best data and analytics wins. Intelligence-driven marketing and fundraising requires the best data, the best custom audience modeling and the ability to deploy appeals in all channels.

Wiland can help. Many of the nation’s leading political organizations benefit from our unique ability to predict the response behavior of prospective donors, active donors, and even lapsed donors who can be cultivated to give again.

Our experience in political cause-related marketing and fundraising is your guarantee that we not only have the talent and technology you need—we also understand political fundraising form the ground up. Our intelligence-driven solutions enable you to connect your appeals to the issues that our vast data shows matter most to multiple sub-segments of your audience. The result? Higher response rates, increased revenue, and elimination of wasted marketing spend.

In an environment as competitive as political fundraising, sustained success depends on having a data partner that understands your vision—a partner that can leverage the most relevant data and superior predictive analytics.

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Targeted, Data-Driven Solutions for Political Fundraisers. Contact us to learn more!

Donor Acquisition

Find prospective donors who are the most likely to respond to your appeals. Wiland’s predictive analytics and modeling solutions identify the best prospects from within our vast database of 235 million American. You can acquire new donors affordably and maximize the return on investment of every acquisition campaign.

Increasing Revenue from Current Donors

Our vast data and analytics equip you to concentrate your resources on the most promising donors on your housefile—especially those who the data suggests can be converted to become high lifetime value (LTV), multi-contribution donors. We also help you avoid the cost of continuing to pursue donors who the data suggest will not be likely to give again.

Targeted Email Fundraising

We deploy email fundraising campaigns for our political clients that break through the clutter and resonate with the recipients, putting your message in front of prospective new donors who have a proven history of making repeat donations.

Our proprietary data enables targeting donors based on a wide range of issues and affinities. This insight enables us to create a custom audience for your email appeals to quickly bring in responsive new donors who then become part of your own house list.

Our email marketing solution supports multivariate testing of message, creative and subject lines within the same campaign. You will have the confidence that you are reaching your target audiences with the most compelling combination of content and creative to move them to action. The result is an affordable, effective solution with tremendous return on investment.

Digital Solutions for Political Fundraisers

Quickly get your message in front of the right prospects online with Wiland’s suite of data-driven digital advertising solutions. Leveraging powerful transaction data and sophisticated predictive analytics, we offer high-performance digital audiences uniquely aligned with your brand. We also offer turnkey campaign management services that will drive improved results in continuously optimized digital display campaigns. Through our Custom Digital Audiences™, Ultimate On-Demand Audiences®, and Managed Display Campaigns, our digital solutions bring a refreshing level of precision, transparency, and measurability to programmatic ad buying.

Reactivating Lapsed Donors

We can identify the inactive donors on your housefile who are most likely to give again, based on recent, relevant activity as observed elsewhere in the Wiland Cooperative Database. We can also identify those who do not merit further marketing investment, reducing waste and increasing ROI. On the other hand, we have the ability to isolate promising opportunities even among chronic non-responders on your house or suppression lists—individuals who our data proves can be cultivated to give again.

Housefile Optimization Services

Focus your fundraising efforts and budget on the donors on your file who are most likely to respond to your next appeal. Our proprietary Response Prediction Technology™ determines which customers on your housefile have the greatest potential lifetime value. We will identify donors you currently market to who are not likely to respond, yet also find inactive donors who will give again.

Marketing Budget Optimization™

Increase the efficiency of your acquisition efforts. By minimizing marketing waste, you will realize higher campaign performance and superior results. Our predictive, multi-model methodology illuminates the top-performing names—and, equally important, identifies the weakest names—within your net file. This enables you to replace underperforming names before you mail with more responsive Wiland names—high long-term value prospects who will make multiple purchases/donations. You also have the option to reduce mailing size with the savings going to your bottom line or funding marketing in other channels.

Optimal Ask

Utilizing an optimal “ask string” in direct mail efforts is crucial to the success of housefile fundraising. Wiland has developed a proprietary algorithm that uses all the data in the Wiland Cooperative database, including past giving activity with your cause, to pinpoint an optimal series of dollar requests for each of your donors, thereby increasing net money raised.

Major Donor Probability Scoring

Many of our nonprofit clients operate a special program for major donors. If you are planning a special high-dollar appeal, we can identify the donors on your file with the highest giving capacity based on the overall donation activity observed within the Wiland Cooperative Database, as well as transactional and demographic characteristics, thus enabling you to initiate special, highly personalized communication efforts.

Mid-Level Donor Probability Scoring

Fundraisers know that while major donors deserve special in-person engagement, it is mid-level donors whose cultivation represents a tremendous source of sustainable revenue. Our predictive modeling can identify the donors on your housefile or other lists who have the propensity and ability to give at significantly higher levels than average. And because these mid-level donors can be reached more cost-effectively than major donors, you can realize tremendous marketing ROI.

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Targeted, Data-Driven Solutions for Political Fundraisers. Contact us to learn more!

Political: Team

Division Leadership

Picture of Dan Wells

Dan Wells

Division Vice President

Dan is that rare breed of cat who knows how to listen to others. In a world of talkers, Dan stands out. It’s his innate ability for empathetic listening that makes him so good at what he does; and what he does is create success for our clients. Early on, he helped grow Merkle in his five years there, and before that, he helped form KnowledgeBase Marketing.

Dan has now devoted himself for 30+ years to serving the nonprofit world. He began his career with Wiland Services handling the accounts of many of the nation’s top nonprofits. Later, he helped launch Wiland’s fast-growing nonprofit division. Today, he helps organizations fulfill their missions by delivering responsive, optimized donor audiences using sophisticated analytics and proprietary modeling, and then reaching these donors through highly effective digital and direct mail marketing solutions.

Having grown up in Maine, Dan actively searches for great adventures to challenge him physically and mentally. His passion is to apply that same fearlessness and confidence of dealing with physically challenging situations to equipping marketing executives to address the evolving challenges of a digital, multichannel world.

Favorite Quote: “Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care.” —Theodore Roosevelt

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New Business Development

Picture of Joe Bank

Joe Bank

SVP, Solutions & Insights

Joe loves the direct-marketing industry and the people he’s worked with and befriended over the years. His favorite part of working in direct marketing is setting up his clients for long-term success. Joe, who joined the Wiland team in 2019, began his career in the direct marketing industry at Rodale Press in 1992. Within a year he was mailing 60+ MM pieces of direct mail and overseeing DRTV and many Alternative Media Campaigns. Before joining Wiland, Joe was the Chief Revenue Officer at Wunderman, and prior to that he oversaw Coop Revenue and Business Development as a Senior Vice President at Epsilon.

Joe’s long-time relationship with our Chief Revenue Officer brought him to Wiland. It wouldn’t have been a hard decision, anyway; Joe loves that Wiland is committed to the core business while also having a strong interest in pursuing new products. In his role, Joe will be doing the type of work he enjoys most – helping set up teams and individuals for success. Joe also loves a good challenge and tells us that, thanks to his long tenure in the Coop space, there are not many types of offers he hasn’t seen. The more complex the need, the more Joe loves it.

In his spare time, when Joe isn’t racing with the Porsche Club of America, you can find him mountain biking, gravel riding, or trail running with his dog, Mika – a Belgian Malinois/German Shepherd mix – and his girlfriend, Noelle.

Favorite Quote: “If you ain’t first, you’re last.”—Ricky Bobby

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Picture of Marcus Shibler

Marcus Shibler

VP, Political

Marcus brings his long-held dedication to supporting his clients’ fundraising success to his role as Vice President of Political with Wiland. Working with political candidates and organizations to meet and exceed their fundraising goals, Marcus treats his clients like they are family and works to foster client relationships built on the shared pursuit of furthering their missions.

A California native, Marcus has diverse experience in managing successful, large-scale fundraising and political campaigns. A graduate of UC Davis, Marcus has focused his career on driving donor engagement for political organizations, strategically managing multi-million dollar campaigns, and employing digital marketing solutions to foster fundraising growth. In his role with Wiland, Marcus looks to boost his clients’ success and the reach of their missions through innovative, highly targeted marketing solutions.

Outside of work, Marcus is an avid foodie known for his expert recommendations on where to find the best food and drinks in the Washington, D.C. area. He also enjoys gourmet cooking, cycling, hiking, and exploring all the exciting sites the nation’s capital has to offer.

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Picture of Aaron Smith

Aaron Smith

Director, Digital Sales

Having summited 36 of the 54 mountains in Colorado that top 14,000 feet, it’s safe to say Aaron is one who strives to take it to the top. He’s taken it to the top in other ways, too. Since 2000, he’s been involved in Colorado politics. He worked at the state Capitol as an aide to six legislators, and he has lent his skills to numerous campaigns and two political organizations. He has been elected a delegate to the Republican State Assembly, County Assembly and Congressional Assembly multiple times. More notably, he served with U.S. Rep. Marilyn Musgrave as program director and district director for five years.

He previously ran his own practice with Prudential and served as a retirement consultant with TIAA-CREF. In addition to mountain climbing, the native Coloradoan also loves to hike, bike, and spend quality time with his family. Aaron is on terra firma here at Wiland, noting that the work he’s involved with brings him a tremendous amount of satisfaction, as does the privilege of working alongside many great people and clients.

Favorite Quote: “There is no limit to the amount of good you can do if you don’t care who gets the credit.” — Ronald Reagan

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Client Services

Picture of Angela Newsom

Angela Newsom

Senior Client Services Director

In a delightfully understated way, Angela talks about being married to an amazing man (they have five grown children), working full time, and somehow not having a lot of spare time. What would be surprising is if she were to have any.

Born and raised in the Midwest, Angela can lay claim to having two “grandpa pastors” in that both her parents were “PKs” (pastor’s kids), so she and her three younger brothers were brought up in a sometimes strict but always loving household. Angela grew up in Kansas and Missouri, moving often thanks to her dad’s job with JCPenney. The family landed in Colorado during her senior year in high school, and she spent the next 27 years there raising her own family. She and her husband now reside in beautiful Alexandria, VA.

Angela has been in the direct mail and publishing industry for 15 years and loves being part of the Wiland team. She especially appreciates being with a company that places employees and clients at the top and always operates with integrity. Angela and her husband love to vacation in Florida, choosing a different spot to visit each year and planning for retirement, which, fortunately for her clients, is a very long way down the road.

Favorite Quote: “I will not follow where the path may lead, but I will go where there is no path, and I will leave a trail.” —Muriel Strode

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Picture of Lou Cornell

Lou Cornell

Client Services Director

Lou has over 30 years of experience in database marketing services and brings a consultative approach and commitment to delivering exceptional results to all of his client interactions. With a dynamic background as a team leader and trusted client partner, Lou seeks to bring mutually beneficial solutions to bear for his nonprofit clients to help their organizations grow and prosper.

Having originally been part of the team during an earlier iteration of the Wiland companies in the 1980s, Lou continued to serve clients across industries via multiple leadership, new business development, and management roles prior to his return to Wiland as Client Services Director. Lou’s track record is rooted in honest, transparent client relationships built on trust and results. He specializes in blending the unique technology and business needs of his clients to leverage solutions that foster increased campaign engagement and drive further value—and long-term success—to their organizations.

Outside of work Lou can be found enjoying his hobbies of golf and football. He also enjoys spending time with his friends and family discovering (and sometimes re-discovering) hidden gem local getaways throughout his home base of Virginia.

Favorite Quote: “There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.” – Colin Powell

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Picture of Terri Griffith

Terri Griffith

Client Services Director

Terri began her career providing a cheery voice on the telephone while assisting magazine subscribers with address changes and missing copies. But the upbeat Midwesterner leveraged this experience and her drive to help people to work her way up the ranks of client services to the managerial level, and she now brings that same cheery voice and her tremendous commitment to customer service to her role as Client Services Director with Wiland.

Working with Wiland’s nonprofit industry team in Washington, D.C., Terri relishes in fulfilling the needs of her many nonprofit clients and in the relationships she’s built with them. With a wealth of experience working directly with publishers and in direct mail specifically with Neodata, Terri strives to understand the needs of her clients so she can offer them the best possible solutions to their challenges, with the ultimate goal of surpassing their expectations.

When she’s not at work, Terri can be seen handing out T-shirts at local charity races, serving as an usher at the theater, or putting fresh paint on a Habitat for Humanity house—that is when she’s not cooking, traveling, or cheering on her beloved Kansas City Chiefs.

Favorite Quote: “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” —Unknown

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Picture of Julie Treadman

Julie Treadman

Client Services Director

It all started with a mouse. Julie’s belief in exceptional customer service is rooted in the Walt Disney College Program and their leading approach to service excellence. You will always find her polished, professional, and still doing the Disney point.

Julie moved from Walt to Washington in 2000, when she decided to apply her skills in politics. She started at the Republican National Committee and held a variety of positions from research analyst to political coordinator. Julie later served as a political appointee at the US Department of Commerce, improving services for trade specialists and US companies focused on maximizing their export potential. From there, she spent more than seven years with FLS Connect as an Account Executive responsible for developing and executing voter contact programs. Just prior to Wiland, she was Director of Special Projects with Aegis Strategic, where she managed the boards and commissions program and voter contact services, among other responsibilities.

Julie was born and raised in St. Peters, MO and earned her Bachelor’s from Northwest Missouri State University. She enjoys cooking, trying the latest new restaurant, spoiling her niece and nephew, football, and way too much HGTV. Julie resides in Alexandria, VA.

Favorite Quote: “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” Walt Disney

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Product Management

Picture of Dave Brown

Dave Brown

SVP, Product Management

Dave is passionate about learning and exploring, both at work and in his personal life. He loves to challenge his own ideas and notions, always seeking to improve. These traits, coupled with his love of facts and statistics, drew him to direct marketing some 20 years ago; and these virtues are brought to his role at Wiland, where he oversees product development and marketing for the many vertical markets that Wiland serves.

Before joining the company, Dave spent nearly a decade in senior marketing positions at multi-brand catalog retail companies including Astral Direct and Concepts Direct. He also has significant service-side experience, having worked with major direct-marketing clients at EDS, the Polk Company and Prime Response.

Dave graduated from Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado, and from the University of Colorado at Boulder, where he received his MBA and, more importantly, met his wife. Having lived in Springfield, Missouri for a number of years near the beautiful Ozark Mountains, Dave and his family have returned to Colorado where the much larger Rocky Mountains form the iconic western skyline. When not developing new marketing solutions for our clients, Dave enjoys watching his teenage son and daughter play competitive soccer, traveling to lands near and far, and, of course, exploring.

Favorite Quote: “It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.” —Mark Twain (attributed)

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Picture of Will Clayton

Will Clayton

SVP, Digital Product Management

Immersed in the exciting personal computer revolution of the 80s, Will cut his teeth on desktop publishing and computer graphic arts. After earning a bachelor’s degree in education and physics from Brigham Young University and an MBA from North Carolina State University with an emphasis on product innovation and marketing, he developed online storefronts and other early web technology.

He then helped other innovative companies turn ideas into viable marketing tools. Recently, his focus has been on the appropriate, secure use of consumer data for effective marketing; optimization tools for creative, audience and media; cutting-edge technical developments in digital marketing; and the evolution of mobile, local, video and other rapidly emerging digital channels.

Will says his true work and passion is at home, where he helps care for, and learns from, six amazing children. He teaches safety and leadership skills to Boy Scouts and to adult Scout advisers. An accomplished and award-winning Toastmaster, Will stands ready to address any gathering. As our go-to guy on digital, Will expands Wiland’s bandwidth by translating geeky concepts into simple explanations and thorny technical challenges into elegant product solutions.

Favorite Quote: “Real genius is nothing else but the supernatural virtue of humility in the domain of thought.” —Simone Weil

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Picture of Lia Feldman

Lia Feldman

Marketing Director

Lia brings over 15 years of marketing experience to her role as Marketing Director at Wiland. She manages Wiland’s marketing strategy and communications, as well as all aspects of our corporate identity and brand. Lia is a Colorado native, and she lives with her husband Zack and her daughter Zoe in the foothills of northern Colorado, where they take full advantage of the outdoor lifestyle, including boating, hiking, and camping.

Favorite Quote: “Someday is made up of a thousand tiny nows.”

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