Targeted, Data-Driven Solutions
for Political Fundraisers

It has become axiomatic in recent years that the political organization with the best data and analytics wins. Intelligence-driven marketing and fundraising requires the best data, the best custom audience modeling and the ability to deploy appeals in all channels.

Wiland can help. Many of the nation’s leading political organizations benefit from our unique ability to predict the response behavior of prospective donors, active donors, and even lapsed donors who can be cultivated to give again.

Our experience in political cause-related marketing and fundraising is your guarantee that we not only have the talent and technology you need—we also understand political fundraising form the ground up. Our intelligence-driven solutions enable you to connect your appeals to the issues that our vast data shows matter most to multiple sub-segments of your audience. The result? Higher response rates, increased revenue, and elimination of wasted marketing spend.

In an environment as competitive as political fundraising, sustained success depends on having a data partner that understands your vision—a partner that can leverage the most relevant data and superior predictive analytics.

Donor Acquisition

Find prospective donors who are the most likely to respond to your appeals. Wiland’s predictive analytics and modeling solutions identify the best prospects from within our vast database of 235 million American. You can acquire new donors affordably and maximize the return on investment of every acquisition campaign.

Increasing Revenue from Current Donors

Our vast data and analytics equip you to concentrate your resources on the most promising donors on your housefile—especially those who the data suggests can be converted to become high lifetime value (LTV), multi-contribution donors. We also help you avoid the cost of continuing to pursue donors who the data suggest will not be likely to give again.

Targeted Email Fundraising

We deploy email fundraising campaigns for our political clients that break through the clutter and resonate with the recipients, putting your message in front of prospective new donors who have a proven history of making repeat donations.

Our proprietary data enables targeting donors based on a wide range of issues and affinities. This insight enables us to create a custom audience for your email appeals to quickly bring in responsive new donors who then become part of your own house list.

Our email marketing solution supports multivariate testing of message, creative and subject lines within the same campaign. You will have the confidence that you are reaching your target audiences with the most compelling combination of content and creative to move them to action. The result is an affordable, effective solution with tremendous return on investment.

Digital Solutions for Political Fundraisers

Reach your ideal audiences—both prospects and donors—when they are online. Wiland’s Custom Digital Audiences™ and Managed Display Campaigns bring a refreshing level of transparency, precision, and measurability to programmatic ad buying. Custom Digital Audiences™ can be delivered to your in-house digital team or your agency for deployment across numerous DSPs and ad networks.

If you are looking for a turnkey, fully-managed solution, Wiland’s Managed Display Campaigns deploy highly targeted ads across our vast network that includes Facebook, Google, Yahoo, MSN and many others. These campaigns are continuously monitored and optimized for response, and you receive detailed reports on performance.

Reactivating Lapsed Donors

We can identify the inactive donors on your housefile who are most likely to give again, based on recent, relevant activity as observed elsewhere in the Wiland Database. We can also identify those who do not merit further marketing investment, reducing waste and increasing ROI. On the other hand, we have the ability to isolate promising opportunities even among chronic non-responders on your house or suppression lists—individuals who our data proves can be cultivated to give again.

Housefile Optimization Services

Focus your fundraising efforts and budget on the donors on your file who are most likely to respond to your next appeal. Our proprietary Response Prediction Technology™ determines which customers on your housefile have the greatest potential lifetime value. We will identify donors you currently market to who are not likely to respond, yet also find inactive donors who will give again.

Marketing Budget Optimization™

Cut the waste out of expensive prospecting and donor marketing. Our predictive models rank names from top to bottom based on donor behavior, giving you the confidence to remove low-performing names from online and offline prospecting efforts. Unresponsive names can then be replaced with better prospects, or the savings can be applied to other campaigns or across other channels.

Optimal Ask

Utilizing an optimal “ask string” in direct mail efforts is crucial to the success of housefile fundraising. Wiland has developed a proprietary algorithm that uses all the data in the Wiland database, including past giving activity with your cause, to pinpoint an optimal series of dollar requests for each of your donors, thereby increasing net money raised.

Major Donor Probability Scoring

Many of our nonprofit clients operate a special program for major donors. If you are planning a special high-dollar appeal, we can identify the donors on your file with the highest giving capacity based on the overall donation activity observed within the Wiland Database, as well as transactional and demographic characteristics, thus enabling you to initiate special, highly personalized communication efforts.

Mid-Level Donor Probability Scoring

Fundraisers know that while major donors deserve special in-person engagement, it is mid-level donors whose cultivation represents a tremendous source of sustainable revenue. Our predictive modeling can identify the donors on your housefile or other lists who have the propensity and ability to give at significantly higher levels than average. And because these mid-level donors can be reached more cost-effectively than major donors, you can realize tremendous marketing ROI.

Getting Started

Targeted, Data-Driven Solutions for Political Fundraisers. Contact us to learn more!

Political: Team

Division Leadership

Picture of Tom Murray

Tom Murray

President, Cooperative Data Division

To hear Tom tell it, living and working in Colorado creates a unique synergy between his personal and work life. He loves being outdoors—on his bike, on his boat pursuing that next great fish, or in the woods stalking big game. In the same way, he loves the adventure of helping clients become more successful in their multichannel marketing efforts. Whether on the water, in the woods, or here at Wiland, Tom is driven to go the extra mile to achieve something truly special.

With his 30+ years on both the client and vendor sides of the business, Tom is able to offer our clients unsurpassed multichannel marketing expertise. Having mailed tens of millions of catalogs as well as creating and delivering precisely modeled audiences for both online and offline campaigns, Tom’s wisdom and insights help our clients reach their loftiest goals for growth and profitability.

An avid road cyclist, Tom recently completed a 90-mile ride from Grand Lake, Colorado to Estes Park—and back! That’s two trips over world-renowned Trail Ridge Road (12, 183 ft.) for a total vertical climb of 8,400 feet in one ride!

Tom and his “much better half” Mary enjoy cheering from the sidelines as their kids, Nate and Ellie, discover their passions while receiving their college educations. At the College of Tom Murray, they can learn about putting others’ needs first, being truthful no matter what, and avoiding the temptation to take a shortcut.

Favorite Quote: “Life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it.” —Charles Swindoll

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Picture of Dan Wells

Dan Wells

Division Vice President, Nonprofit

Dan is that rare breed of cat who knows how to listen to others. In a world of talkers, Dan stands out. It’s his innate ability for empathetic listening that makes him so good at what he does; and what he does is create success for our clients. Early on, he helped grow Merkle in his five years there, and before that, he helped form KnowledgeBase Marketing.

Dan has now devoted himself for 30+ years to serving the nonprofit world. He began his career with Wiland Services handling the accounts of many of the nation’s top nonprofits. Later, he helped launch Wiland Inc.’s fast-growing nonprofit division. Today, he helps organizations fulfill their missions by delivering responsive, optimized donor audiences using sophisticated analytics and proprietary modeling, and then reaching these donors through highly effective digital and direct mail marketing solutions.

Having grown up in Maine, Dan actively searches for great adventures to challenge him physically and mentally. His passion is to apply that same fearlessness and confidence of dealing with physically challenging situations to equipping marketing executives to address the evolving challenges of a digital, multichannel world.

Favorite Quote: “Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care.” —Theodore Roosevelt

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New Business Development

Picture of Brian Oakes

Brian Oakes

Vice President, Solutions & Insights - Political

Having been born into an active and involved political family, it’s no surprise that Brian pursued a career in politics. He started out working on U.S. House and Senate campaigns, where he excelled at taking data and constructing strategies to help his candidates win. Brian jumped at the opportunity to get Wiland’s political solutions under way, and now he helps nationally known candidates and causes while living in beautiful Colorado.

Since joining Wiland in 2010, Brian has helped establish it as the premier political database co-op in America, known for innovative solutions through predictive modeling and dedication to client services. He employs the same analytical skills he used on the campaign trail to ensure that Wiland clients achieve their fundraising and voter contact goals using the latest digital as well as traditional channels.

Although Brian likes sifting through Excel spreadsheets, evaluating predictive models, and winning the game of getting Wi-Fi at hotels when visiting clients, he also enjoys playing chess, hiking the Flatirons, pursuing good Mexican food and trying not to wake the neighbors with his bad guitar playing.

Favorite Quote: “Aut viam inveniam aut faciam.” This Latin phrase, meaning “I shall either find a way or make one,” is attributed to Hannibal in response to advice that it would be impossible to cross the Alps by elephant. (Never mind that Hannibal didn’t speak Latin!)

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Picture of Charles Cadigan

Charles Cadigan

SVP, New Business Development

Charles began his career in the nonprofit sector over 30 years ago. From the high-energy first days of three start-ups to senior positions at some of the industry’s most innovative and respected companies, he has worked with and for some the very best organizations helping to solve the world’s most critical challenges. His leadership roles within the nonprofit sector have included chairing committees of the Direct Marketing Association, both regionally and nationally, along with the Association of Fundraising Professionals.

His skills and expertise have been honed at some of our industry’s leading data providers: TransAmerica Marketing, Epsilon, Acxiom, and Frontline Data. This experience gives him a unique perspective when helping Wiland clients with our highly successful fundraising and marketing solutions.

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Picture of Adam Tatro

Adam Tatro

VP, New Business Development

A small-town boy from Beatrice, Nebraska, Adam has some big time experience doing many different things. He’s worked in banking, insurance, investments, politics, and on a ranch. He loved the good feeling of ranch work at the end of the day, the feeling of accomplishing something that is both visible and tangible. Adam finds that working at Wiland creates that same feeling of accomplishment, doing what’s best for his clients. Along the way, he’s had the good fortune to work for political candidates and organizations in line with his values.

When he’s not at work, you can most likely find Adam playing soccer, a sport he’s played since he was four years old and plans to continue “until I can’t move,” saying it’s a passion and a release. He revels in summer’s sunshine, warmth, and outdoor activities—replaced by an immersion in college football games during the fall…a pretty good trade-off for this child of summer.

Favorite Quote: “Do to others as you would have them do to you.” —Luke 6:31

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Picture of Aaron Smith

Aaron Smith

Director, Digital Sales

Having summited 36 of the 54 mountains in Colorado that top 14,000 feet, it’s safe to say Aaron is one who strives to takes it to the top.

He’s taken it to the top in other ways, too. Since 2000, he’s been involved in Colorado politics. He worked at the state Capitol as an aide to six legislators, and he has lent his skills to numerous campaigns and two political organizations. He has been elected a delegate to the Republican State Assembly, County Assembly and Congressional Assembly multiple times. More notably, he served with U.S. Rep. Marilyn Musgrave as program director and district director for five years.

He previously ran his own practice with Prudential and served as a retirement consultant with TIAA-CREF. In addition to mountain climbing, the native Coloradoan also loves to hike, bike, and spend quality time with his family. Aaron is on terra firma here at Wiland, noting that the work he’s involved with brings him a tremendous amount of satisfaction, as does the privilege of working alongside many great people and clients.

Favorite Quote: “There is no limit to the amount of good you can do if you don’t care who gets the credit.” — Ronald Reagan

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Client Services

Picture of Roger Hiyama

Roger Hiyama

SVP, Client Services

Roger has always loved working with numbers. He remembers the fourth grade math competitions with the chalkboard race to solve the problem. As a child, Roger would listen to the radio of his favorite Denver Bears or Denver Rockets broadcast, tracking such player stats as hits and shots made and then quickly calculating percentages like batting average, field goal and free throw percentages. Today, he methodically captures crazy stats on his golf scorecard to understand tendencies and focus on areas needing improvement.

In his professional life, numbers, data patterns, and the development of audience strategies to solve puzzling business challenges have defined Roger’s career and now his focus at Wiland.

For the past three decades, Roger has focused on data management, data analytics, email marketing, statistics and predictive modeling, insights, and marketing strategy. Over the past 12 years, he’s held senior leadership positions with direct response marketing agencies Merkle, Moore DM Group and Russ Reid Company, combining data-driven strategy with award-winning creative services to raise the funds necessary to help nonprofit organizations change the world.

Roger was born and raised in Colorado where upon graduating from CU-Boulder, he started his career with Wiland & Associates in 1982. He moved to the East Coast in 1983 and now lives in Alexandria, VA with his wife and three daughters. In addition to providing “taxi service” for ballet, horseback riding, and team sports activities, Roger still enjoys an occasional round of golf, a movie date night, and following his favorite teams—the Denver Broncos and the Washington Nationals.

Favorite Quote: “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” —Henry Ford

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Picture of Aaron Buchhop

Aaron Buchhop

Associate Client Services Director

Aaron has nearly seven years of fundraising, nonprofit management, and direct marketing agency experience in the Washington, D.C. area. His political and nonprofit experience includes working for large and well-known political organizations, such as The Heritage Foundation, Americans for Tax Reform, and the Competitive Enterprise Institute, as well as direct marketing agencies with focuses in political and charitable fundraising.

Aaron is no stranger to client services. As Director of Programs and Donor Relations for a small nonprofit, Aaron created and managed the organization’s high dollar donor file, increased donor retention, and increased annual giving from approximately $700,000 to over $1 million in one year.

Having worked within both nonprofits and agencies, Aaron has a unique view into the minds of Wiland’s nonprofit and political customers. In addition, his experience as a fundraising copywriter has helped him to shape his understanding of the mindsets of donors.

Aaron graduated from The Citadel in 2009 with a B.A. in Political Science. For a time, Aaron likewise attended The Citadel Graduate College to work on his Master in Business Administration degree.

Aaron enjoys fitness, gardening, boating, and reading. He and his wife live in Fredericksburg, VA.

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Picture of Angela Newsom

Angela Newsom

Client Services Director

In a delightfully understated way, Angela talks about being married to an amazing man (they have five grown children), working full time, and somehow not having a lot of spare time. What would be surprising is if she were to have any.

Born and raised in the Midwest, Angela can lay claim to having two “grandpa pastors” in that both her parents were “PKs” (pastor’s kids), so she and her three younger brothers were brought up in a sometimes strict but always loving household. Angela grew up in Kansas and Missouri, moving often thanks to her dad’s job with JCPenney. The family landed in Colorado during her senior year in high school, and she spent the next 27 years there raising her own family. She and her husband now reside in beautiful Alexandria, VA.

Angela has been in the direct mail and publishing industry for 15 years and loves being part of the Wiland team. She especially appreciates being with a company that places employees and clients at the top and always operates with integrity. Angela and her husband love to vacation in Florida, choosing a different spot to visit each year and planning for retirement, which, fortunately for her clients, is a very long way down the road.

Favorite Quote: “I will not follow where the path may lead, but I will go where there is no path, and I will leave a trail.” —Muriel Strode

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Picture of Connor Smith

Connor Smith

Associate Client Services Director

Even before graduating from the University of Mississippi in 2013, Connor was determined to pursue his love and passion for all things political.  A little over 4 years later he was honored to have worked for 2 U.S. Senators, 2 U.S. Senate Committees, 1 U.S. Senate race, and most recently served as the Regional Field Director for the Republican National Committee in North Carolina.

In his time on the Hill, he was instrumental in helping pass critical legislation that included the Water Resources Development Act, the Federal Fiscal Year 2016 Appropriations bills, and several resolutions honoring or recognizing private business groups or individuals in Louisiana or Mississippi.  During his time as the Regional Field Director for the RNC, Connor delivered 9 of the 12 counties he oversaw, and almost a million votes in that region and the state of North Carolina for all of the Republican candidates he represented.

Having a diverse knowledge and background in campaigns, grassroots development, and legislative work through his time on Capitol Hill, Connor hopes to use those experiences to provide Wiland Political clients with a unique and knowledgeable perspective to help create better fundraising, canvassing, and data management to help guide and carry them into the future of the political landscape.

When he is not working, Connor can be found hunting or fishing when he is home in Mississippi, enjoying a Saturday at his Alma Mater in the “Grove” at Ole Miss, or continuing to volunteer and support Veteran charities and programs that he has been active in since 2012.

Favorite Quote: “Whenever you do a thing, act as if all the world were watching.”  –Thomas Jefferson

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Picture of Julie Treadman

Julie Treadman

Client Services Director

It all started with a mouse. Julie’s belief in exceptional customer service is rooted in the Walt Disney College Program and their leading approach to service excellence. You will always find her polished, professional, and still doing the Disney point.

Julie moved from Walt to Washington in 2000, when she decided to apply her skills in politics. She started at the Republican National Committee and held a variety of positions from research analyst to political coordinator. Julie later served as a political appointee at the US Department of Commerce, improving services for trade specialists and US companies focused on maximizing their export potential. From there, she spent more than seven years with FLS Connect as an Account Executive responsible for developing and executing voter contact programs. Just prior to Wiland, she was Director of Special Projects with Aegis Strategic, where she managed the boards and commissions program and voter contact services, among other responsibilities.

Julie was born and raised in St. Peters, MO and earned her Bachelor’s from Northwest Missouri State University. She enjoys cooking, trying the latest new restaurant, spoiling her niece and nephew, football, and way too much HGTV. Julie resides in Alexandria, VA.

Favorite Quote: “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” Walt Disney

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