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Bryn Weaver

Bryn Weaver

Chief Data Ethics Officer

Bryn manages the data ethics and consumer privacy aspects of Wiland’s business. As the company’s Chief Data Ethics Officer, he works with team members across the organization to ensure that Wiland’s culture of strong consumer data ethics is augmented and reinforced as Wiland grows, launches new partnerships, and provides industry-leading marketing products and services to its clients.

Prior to joining Wiland, Bryn was a member of the Corporate and Securities Group at Thompson & Knight in Dallas, and then a member of the Emerging Companies practice at Cooley, a leading Bay Area-based law firm that represents some of America’s most exciting companies. Following Cooley, Bryn got the opportunity to join the cloud legal team at Oracle and helped Oracle’s cloud lines of business launch new products, expand with channel partners, contract with Fortune 500 customers, and integrate newly acquired cloud companies.

Outside of work, Bryn and his family enjoy embarking on outdoor adventures in beautiful Colorado, including skiing, hiking, camping, mountain biking, and running. Bryn completed a 50-mile trail run several years ago and joins his brothers in obstacle races such as Tough Mudder and Spartan Race each summer. He also enjoys engaging with the local community, coaching youth soccer, and participating in community service.

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