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Sensitive Data
Sensitive Data Explained: A Guide for Marketers

How has the definition of sensitive data evolved and why does it matter for direct marketers?

By Bryn Weaver | September 26, 2023

Holiday Donation
Five Keys to Year-End Fundraising Success

Outlook and strategies for the 2023 year-end giving season from our EVP, Nonprofit

By Dan Wells | August 2, 2023

Data Privacy
Consumer Data Privacy Check-In: More New State Laws and Marketing Impacts

What marketers need to know about additional new state consumer data privacy laws and how they could impact direct marketing campaigns

By Bryn Weaver | June 30, 2023

Direct Mail Recipient Donating on Mobile Device
The State of Donor Acquisition in 2023

How fundraisers can overcome the pandemic’s ripple effects and achieve donor acquisition success

By Wiland Editorial Team | May 18, 2023

Woman interacting with Direct Mail and Digital Ads.
Digital Co-Targeting: The Fundraiser’s Secret Superpower

How reaching donors both online and off improves overall fundraising performance

By Jennifer Ingram | December 5, 2022

Digital Solutions for Your Multichannel Fundraising Challenges

Digital insights and strategies from Wiland, Chapman Cubine Allen + Hussey, and Allegiance Group to help fundraisers achieve their year-end goals.

By Wiland Editorial Team | October 7, 2022

How Data-Driven Optimization Tools Increase Donor Engagement

New resource from Wiland explores how nonprofits can achieve peak campaign efficiency and ROI

By Dan Wells | September 8, 2022

State of the Nonprofit Industry: Supply Chains, Postal Issues, and Planning Ahead

Insights from Wiland, The Harrington Agency, and SnailWorks on the challenges that fundraisers are facing and how they can overcome them.

By Wiland Editorial Team | September 1, 2022

The Data Privacy Landscape Is Changing. How Can You Be Ready?
The Data Privacy Landscape is Changing. How Can You Prepare?

What’s new in state data privacy regulation and the steps that brands and organizations should be taking now

By Bryn Weaver | January 27, 2022

Always Be Co-Targeting
ABC: Always Be Co-Targeting

How reaching donors both online and off boosts campaign response across channels

By Jennifer Ingram | January 11, 2022

How Nonprofits Can Prepare for the Colorado Privacy Act
How Nonprofits Can Prepare for the Colorado Privacy Act

What is the Colorado Privacy Act, how does it affect nonprofits, and what can they be doing now to be ready for it?

By Bryn Weaver | December 2, 2021

Diversifying Nonprofit Donor Bases
Diversifying Nonprofit Donor Bases for Growth and Sustainability

What is diversity modeling, how does it work, and how could it benefit your organization?

By Emma Nicoletti | October 28, 2021

Year-End Giving 2021 Outlook
Year-End Giving 2021 Outlook

Q&A with our nonprofit experts on how unique circumstances are impacting year-end campaign planning

By Wiland Editorial Team | October 6, 2021

How to Boost Digital Fundraising Results
How to Boost Digital Fundraising Results

Q&A with our SVP, Nonprofit Digital on best practices to improve campaign performance

By Wiland Editorial Team | August 19, 2021

Data collaboration has a long history of producing exceptional marketing results. And it’s the path to success in the post-cookie landscape.
Collaborative Data Solutions in the Post-Cookie Era

Insights from Wiland-sponsored research on data collaboration by Winterberry Group

By Wiland Editorial Team | July 20, 2021