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Unlocking the Power of Data Collaboration: Insights from Our Recent Webinar

Second- and third-party data are now the keys to more profitable marketing. Find out why in this on-demand webinar featuring experts from Winterberry Group and Wiland.

By Wiland Editorial Team | June 14, 2024

Woman working with Post-Merge-Optimization
Using Post-Merge Optimization to Increase Direct Mail Efficiency

Focus on the donors most likely to give to your organization and avoid wasting precious fundraising dollars on unresponsive names.

By Wiland Editorial Team | April 17, 2024

2024 Donations
What Nonprofit Fundraisers Must Know for Their 2024 Planning

Q&A with our nonprofit experts on how fundraisers can strategize for a successful 2024

By Wiland Editorial Team | December 20, 2023

Holiday Donation
Five Keys to Year-End Fundraising Success

Outlook and strategies for the 2023 year-end giving season from our EVP, Nonprofit

By Dan Wells | August 2, 2023

Direct Mail Recipient Donating on Mobile Device
The State of Donor Acquisition in 2023

How fundraisers can overcome the pandemic’s ripple effects and achieve donor acquisition success

By Wiland Editorial Team | May 18, 2023

The Marketers Field Guide in the wild
The Field Guide to Better Customer Marketing: How to Generate More Revenue from Your Current Customers

New resource from Wiland explores how consumer brands can achieve peak customer marketing performance

By Wiland Editorial Team | February 13, 2023

How Data-Driven Optimization Tools Increase Donor Engagement

New resource from Wiland explores how nonprofits can achieve peak campaign efficiency and ROI

By Dan Wells | September 8, 2022